Physical Theatre & The Comic Universes on 25th to 27th Oct. @ Space Studios

Physical Theatre & The Comic Universes on 25th to 27th Oct. @ Space Studios


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25th Oct Friday: 6pm to 9pm 
26th Oct Saturday: 6pm to 9pm
27th Oct Sunday: 1pm to 6pm 

Kids Workshop in Theatre: 27th October 12 - 1pm 

Performance: 7pm (Open to All) 
Venue: Space Studios

Fees: Rs. 1500/-

What will you learn? 

This workshop addresses anyone with an interest in exploring their own comic potential, and offers a platform to explore a state of simplicity and vulnerability that will entice the unexpected and the hilarious. The participants are invited into a space of playfulness where having fun is at the center of the creative process.

Playfulness is a state of Flow, where we become less self-conscious and more receptive to the pleasure of being completely in the now and in creative contact with ourselves and the others. To achieve this state of flow and playfulness we will enter in the wonderful world of the Clown and we will play numerous games that will reinforce the Folie and the power of the individual and the group.

This workshop is an invitation as well to understand the dramatic possibilities that appear in the relationship between the moving body and the surrounding space. We will analyze movement principles like action and reaction, balance and off-balance, push and pull, and levels of physical tension. The understanding of these principles is vital for any performer/actor interested in creating original work within a character, a play, a choreography or a dramatic space.

Each day consists of introductory body work and body training, followed by solo or group improvisations.

The workshop will be concluded by an informal sharing of the work in progress.

The workshop will enable you to:
•Enhance your playfulness, imagination and artistic intuition.
•Develop the ability to relate to the audience in the “here and now”; ‘being’ instead of ‘acting’.
•Encourage your confidence in improvisation and enhance the connection with your physical impulses.
•Demonstrate artistic autonomy through the exploration of your own comic world helping you to discover your uniqueness.
•Question the traditional performer/audience relationship and explore the languages that appear when we break the fourth wall.



Andrea is a Spanish theatre and clown practitioner based in London. She works as a performer and director exploring the comic universes of clown, bouffon and absurd which she combines with the study of mime and Commedia dell’Arte. She holds a post-graduate degree from the London International School of Performing Arts and has trained with internationally acclaimed masters as Philippe Gaulier, Carlo Boso, Gabriel Chame, Caroline Hanson and Jose Piris. She has worked with several international companies including Theatre des Silences (Paris), Glass-Eye Theatre (London), and Nouveau Colombier (Madrid) and has taken part in International Festivals all over Europe. She is currently one of the Artistic Directors of Teatro EnVilo. Their show ‘Interrupted’ has been awarded Best Theare Talent in Spain, Best Emerging Company at London’s Mimetic Festival and has had great success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.


Roisin studied Drama and English Literature at the University of Bristol where she began her investigation of contemporary performace practise and research. She went on to train at the London International School of Peforming Arts in search of new non-theoretical approaches to theatre making. Roisin is an assistant director at the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain bringing to life large ensemble theatre projects for teenagers in London. She has recently begun a collaboration with visual artist Elisabeth Molin at the Royal College of Art exploring the meeting point of storytelling and photography. Since graduating she has formed theatre company ‘Intuitive Creatures’. Roisin devises and directs work for the company whose mission is to create exciting and accessible work for normally non theatre going audiences; the show was awarded ‘Outstanding’ at the Edinburgh and London Fringe review 2013 and received raucous 5 star reviews. 


Spanish actress, director and playwright, she trained at the Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia (where she received an honorific award for her final project) and then undertook a post-graduate degree in “Pedagogy and Theatrical Animation” at Vigo University. She also has also completed a two- year training program at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and the ´Pedagogical Training´ in the same school. As a theatre practitioner she has played main roles in different productions from the National Theatre of Galicia as well as in different Galician, Portuguese and European companies. She has also taken part in cinema productions and has worked as a TV actress and a TV presenter.Currently, she is part of the pedagogical team in the London International School of Performing Arts and Artistic Director of Teatro En Vilo.

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