Photriya  Venky Photography Workshop -2K17

Photriya Venky Photography Workshop -2K17


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About The Event

Who is Venky?

Photriya Venky is one of the leading photographers in India. He began his journey and started developing his skills as a young man in JNTU, Hyderabad, and has topped in B.F.A. (Photography).

He started working independently in 2000. Venky established his professional studio, “PHOTRIYA” in 2002 and has conducted 65 seminars and workshops till date, done 1000+ celebrity photo shoots and covered about 1000 weddings across the world.

With the zeal to support upcoming photographers in the country, Venky’s Photography classes and workshops aim to teach upcoming photographers about professional Photography and Camera handling.

He has conducted 16 batches of Photography Classes in Hyderabad and trained approximately 1250 photographers till date.

Why this Workshop?

Most of the young and urban population has started using DSLR cameras these days but, only use it in Auto mode.

Once they gain the basic understanding of manual settings of their respective cameras and have knowledge of editing, they can take better pictures. Who better than Venky to teach them the know-how.

What will you learn?


  1. Basics of Photography
  2. ‘Your’ DSLR Camera options
  3. Lighting techniques
  4. Framing and Picture composition
  5. Wedding/Candid Photography
  6. Editing techniques


There's More..

 Venky has planned an interactive Q & A session for all participants. All the concerns that you have about photography will be addressed and cleared.

Can I learn photography in 1 day workshop?

No, you can’t. No one can teach you photography in two days. But Venky is going to teach you how to correct your mistakes and how to connect with your gear.

He can help make your camera user friendly. With this basic know-how, you’ll understand how to practice photography. Once you get your basics right, you'll be able to hold your camera with more confidence and click better pictures too!

Why at GP Birla Center?

GP Birla Center is elevated and is located in the center of the city giving us a view of the beautiful Birla temple, which is a great location to shoot outdoors.The aesthetics of the environment allow you to explore and understand more of nature, landscape, outdoor, indoor, ancient, light & shadow photography all at once. 

 Is it worth paying 6000 rupees? 

 Venky never says that photography is his profession. It is his passion. He's conducting this workshop to share 15 years of his knowledge in this field with you. You'll understand its worth when you attend his workshop because he's not doing this for the sake of money. 

What kind of equipment should I bring?

 Just your camera and the confidence that you're going to learn something today. :)

What will happen Post workshop? 

Ever since Venky has started teaching, all his students have stayed in touch with him through mails. All your concerns will be answered. In case you want to understand where your picture has gone wrong, send in that picture to mentioned email address at the workshop, along with your concern. Venky will be more than glad to help you out on how to rectify your mistakes and hone your skills. We will always stay connected.


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