Photoshop - 8 Week Online based course

Photoshop - 8 Week Online based course


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About The Event

EduStation Online brings you

an 8 day live online webinar series on


  • Always wanted to know how to airbrush an image?
  • How to change the background in a picture?
  • How to manipulate a photograph?

EduStation Online, in collaboration with Mr. Yuvraaj Oberoi, brings you a one hour FREE webinar (online session) to give you a preview to our 

Online Course: "Photoshop - Everybody's Tool"

Company – EduStation Online

Date – Course begins on the 14th of October. (free preview webinar on 29th Sept 2011) The course will be twice a week for 4 weeks.

Time - (Mondays & Thursdays)
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm – (IST – Indian Time)
10:00am – 11:00am (EST – USA & Canada)
7:00am – 8:00am (PST – USA & Canada)
3:30pm – 4:30pm (UK)
Price - INR 3600/-  /  USD $80 for the 8 week course (one class per week)
*free preview webinar to be conducted on 29th Sept 2011. Email for info.
Instructor - Mr. Yuvraaj Oberoi -
Contact –


Course details -

Session 1 Introduction (Week 1 - 14th October 2011)

Overview - Pixels, Vector/Raster, Capabilities, Limitations
Ps Conceptual - Layers, Channels, Paths, History, Plug-ins

Interaction - Ask for participant backgrounds and usage

Session 2 Basics (Week 2)

File Handling - New File, Opening, Saving, For Web, File Info
Troubleshoot - How to do I find items?

Interaction - Simply practice

Session 3 The Interface (Week 3)

Workspace - Layout Windows, Image size, Canvas size & File size
Tool Bar - Segregations & Categorization

Interaction - Simply practice & play with one image

Session 4 & 5 Using Tools (Week 4 & Week 5)

How do I choose a Tool?
General - Move, Zoom & Hand, Eraser, Paint Bucket, Ink Dropped, Shape, Crop
Selection - Concepts, Strategy & Tools (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand)
Manipulation - Brush, Stamping, Heal,
Pen Tool - (can also be used for selections)
Text Tool - (orientations)

Using Plug-ins & Actions

Interaction - One assignment for each header

Session 6 Colour (Week 6)

Colours - Modes, Palette, Corrections, Adjustments,

Interaction - Colour correction and manipulation assignments

Session 7 Composition (Week 7)

Effects - Filters, Blending Modes, Opacity, Clipping masks,

Interaction - Composition assignments

Session 8 Discipline (Week 8)

How to use photoshop wisely
> Basic Tips - Think systematically, Safety net, be organized (labeling & grouping), Use Help,
> Advance Tips- Ps Preferences, Learn Shortcuts, Plug-ins

Interaction - Inquire about concepts that are still unclear

Session 9 Recap

Recounting the course and key points to remember

Clarifying concepts that are unclear