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As part of the Habitat Photosphere festival, a series of Photography Workshops will be conducted at Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To register, call 011-43662024/25.
1. Date: December 5, 2016

Photography Workshops at IHC


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About The Event


As part of the Habitat Photosphere festival, a series of Photography Workshops will be conducted at Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To register, call 011-43662024/25.

1. Date: December 5, 2016

Title: When Not to Photograph

Conducted by: Prabir Purkayastha

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: Digital technology has gifted the pleasure of ‘pressing the shutter’ to everyone. So, how can serious practitioners & ardent students of photography stay afloat & thrive in the digital age? How do you ‘create’ a photograph vis-à-vis just take a picture? Between the multitude photography theories of ‘Do’s’ & ‘Don’t’s’ & countless reams of tutorials & ‘professional’ advice lies the grey world of ‘when not to photograph’. And, it is the exploration of this nebulous state, which every photographer faces, but rarely journeys into, which will, hopefully, help liberate the ‘mind’s eye’. 



  1. Date: December 6 & December 7, 2016

Title: Curating and Thinking about Photography in Exhibitions and Books

Conducted by: Nathalie Herschdorfer

Registration Fee: Rs 2000

Subject:  Photography shows have made their ways into numerous festivals, galleries, museums and each young photographer is already planning different photobooks.  The workshop will explore the different ways of ‘image-showing’ and curation and discuss the relationship between concept and production, wish and reality.





3. Date: December 8, 2016

Title: Portfolio Review

Conducted by: Nathalie and the 4 Photosphere mentors

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: Each judge will review 8 portfolios, devoting 25 minutes to each one.




4. Date:  December 9, 2016

Title: From the Click to the Digital: A History of Photography

Conducted by: Dr AlkaPande

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: Dr. Alka Pande traces the art historical journey of photography from its inception in 1826 - till date. From the camera obscura to the daguerreotypes, the genres of photography from documentary, fine art, fashion, war, photojournalism to conceptual photography, the fixed to the moving lens. The lens-based medium of photography, the aesthetics of gaze and representation in a photograph are discussed through the works of various artists, past and present, in regard to photography’s ever-changing nature to spark visual thinking skills.




5. Date: December 10, 2016


Title: Exhibiting Lens Based Artworks & Louise Lawler: The Critical Documentary Mode


Conducted by: Peter Nagy

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: How does the exhibition of photographs and videos differ from that of painting and sculpture? What particular concerns should the curator and exhibition designer keep in mind, and what are the tricks of the trade used by professionals? With more than 30 years of experience in the art world, Peter Nagy has installed a wide variety of exhibitions in galleries, museums, and art fairs. He will share his insights into planning and implementing successful exhibitions of lens-based art. Nagy will also present an overview of Louise Lawler’s work, an American artist whose practice predominantly employs photographic means to critically discursive ends.




6. Date: December 11, 2016


Title: Creating a body of work: How to Approach a Photographic Project 


Conducted by: Bandeep Singh


Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: The workshop emphasizes the importance of creating bodies of work and the approaches one can have towards working on personal photographic projects. The workshop will aim to help people identify personal photography projects, suggest how to develop them over time and discuss ways to benefit from them. 




  1. Date: December 12, 2016

Title: The Staging and Basic Elements of Fashion Photography 

Conducted by Tarun Khiwal

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: Join fashion photographer Tarun Khiwal in an interactive session where he will share his ideas of fashion, influenced by memories and personal experiences of childhood and travelling as the basic elements of his photography and the professional workflow behind big commercial campaigns. Get to know his aesthetic approach, carrying pride in one's own heritage and culture to all things photography, combined with a sensibility of modern techniques and artistic sophistication to create distinct visual imagery. 




8. Date: December 13, 2106

Title: Interanimation of word and image

Conducted by: Prof. Shormishtha Panja

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: Representation lies at the core of both literature and photography.  The workshop will discuss topics like how does one capture an object, a scene or a person in words and in the photographic image?  Do these two genres, one literary, the other visual, have anything in common?  What is the role of the author and that of the photographer?  Are both present or absent in their works?  How does one figure this out?  What role do images and imagery play in poetry and prose?  Conversely, how does on read or analyse a photograph and what is the vocabulary one chooses to write about it?



  1. Date: December 14, 2016


Title: Gaze-Ungaze: Street Photography


Conducted by: Parthiv Shah


Registration Fee: Rs 1000


Subject: A microcosm of the living world, ‘Street’ has always been an admired unsuspecting subject for photographers all around the world.  In recent years, with the growing discourses around the 'appropriateness' of visual exploration and the development of easy technological access, 'street photography' has come to signify the dilemma between spontaneous art and ethical documentation. While familiarizing the participants with the aesthetics, the workshop will try to defamiliarize the conventions of 'street photography' by contextualizing the various socio-cultural aspects of the practice.




10. Date: December 15, 2016

Title: Photo As Archive

Conducted by: Aditya Arya

Registration Fee: Rs 1000

Subject: The workshop will focus on what goes into the creating of a photo-archive. Through this workshop Aditya Arya will investigate a brief history of recordkeeping, present practice, and thought-provoking speculation about its future. A special focus on family albums and on how to create a family album from your old family pictures which in their own various ways, are the reminders of our roots and where we have come from.



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