Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop


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About The Event

Photography Workshop

A photography workshop for all those out there who think the best way to click a picture with your camera is the automatic mode. Come and learn the basics of photography so that your camera becomes a form of self expression. 

This is one of the many classes, workshops and photography trips which are to follow. We intend to keep it simple and concise, giving everyone enough time to understand the concepts.


A DSLR or a Point and Shoot with a manual 'M' mode. If you have neither, but yet you are interested, do come anyway.


About Instructor:

Kshitij Garg:

This photography workshop is an initiative of Kshitij Garg who learnt photography under the photography miester Helmuth Conz. His passion for capturing light took him forward in this field and today, having left his day job as a software engineer, he pursues photography full time. Kshitij has done many private portfolios and commercial product coverage. His passion however lies in nature photography and portraits. He has started a weekend photography workshop for people interested in photography. In these classes, the aim is to teach photography In a comprehensive manner such that students can grasp the nuances of photography easily. He is also in the process of writing a comprehensive handbook on photography to help his students further.



  Saturday - 7th September 2013

   02:30PM to 06:30PM


  1. An overview of Digital SLRs

  2. Explaining the various brands of cameras

  3. Information about lenses

  4. Focal lengths

  5. Focusing

  6. Measuring and using light

  7. Contrast

  8. Megapixels - explained

  9. RAW vs JPEG

  10. Exposure

  11. The manual ‘M’ mode

  12. ISO

  13. Shutter speed

  14. Aperture

  15. Light meter

  16. Noise

  17. Freezing action /blurring

  18. Depth of field

  19. Rules of composition


  Sunday - 8th September 2013

   06:45AM  to 11:00AM 


  1. Photography walk.

  2. Review the assignment

  3. White balance

  4. Metering

  5. Other modes on the camera – Aperture priority and Shutter priority

  6. Advanced focusing

  7. HDR photography

  8. Panning

  9. Zoom bursts

  10. Light Painting

  11. Simple post processing

  12. Filters – Polarizers and Graduated Neutral Density (GND)

  13. Simple flash concepts

  14. Feedback

  15. Doubts & QA Session


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