Photography Workshop - Learn Digital Photography

Photography Workshop - Learn Digital Photography


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About The Event

  • Do you have a keen interest in photography?
  • Did you just get yourself a new camera and would like to learn more about how to make best use of the functions of the camera?
  • Have you been amazed by photographs that win awards and are featured in magazines are made and would like to learn how to make professional-quality photographs?
If your answer to one or more of the above questions is "Yes", welcome to Darter Photography's Workshop on Introduction to Digital Photography.
This 2-day workshop introduces you to the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography. You will learn about the concepts of photography, what the different modes of a camera mean, how to compose a photograph so that it catches the eye, how to post-process it to reflect reality or make it artistic, and, in an increasingly connected world, how to share it online. 

A broad overview of the topics covered in the workshop is as follows:
  • Camera functions
  • Technical aspects of photography - Focus, Focal Length, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
  • Artistic aspects of photography - Rules of Composition, Stories through photography
  • Post-processing photographs on the computer
  • Field Visit to practice concepts learnt in the classroom


Your takeaways from the workshop would be:

  • An enhanced understanding about the concepts of photography and your camera
  • A quick reference guide that would be your constant companion after the workshop
  • Access to Darter Photographers - a vibrant community of photographers


Next time you click a photograph, create a memory to cherish...

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