I S O L A T I O N : A Photography Exhibition

I S O L A T I O N : A Photography Exhibition


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About The Event

Process TheaterZ is very happy to invite you to I S O L A T I O N : A Photography Exhibition by our own visual artist Nazia Khan.

Booking of exclusive first edition images is available at the Gallery. 

About the Photographer : 
Nazia Khan,a photographer and a practicing film maker. The immense urge of capturing moments and converting it into art, is what motivates her to photograph. 
Documenting time through her camera is her art, whether it's a portraits, a landscape or an architectural photography. 
As a traveller, she captures the journey and the culture we are in and was.
As she puts it "Every photo has a story to tell of that particular time and space and to understand that space in that particular time I capture the moments of my journey." 

Note on I S O L A T I O N by Photographer Nazia Khan ( aka Tepantorer Paar )
"I S O L A T I O N is a visual testimony to places & people that I have encountered as I traversed & muddled through life. 
These isolated stolen moments are the points when our worlds collided on each other; mine and my subjects; we had a dialogue in a fraction of second and then we moved on with the flow. 
But I am left with these fragments of 'I S O L A T I O N'. All these different people, different places are connected with this thread. When our world collided, I have witnessed their silent loneliness and their celebration while they were relishing their solitude, inside a room or under the wide blue sky. 
The idea is to understand whether this feeling of I S O L A T I O N runs inside the viewer while s/he comes in touch with these pictures! Does these pictures have their own stories or we complete it with meaning when we look at them ?
Come, let's see if we could make this pictures complete with our stories, with our interpretations or just by our presence."

We would be immensely happy if you could enhance our experience by your humble presence. 
Looking forward to meet you.

Process TheaterZ

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