Philosophical / Personality Development Seminar

Philosophical / Personality Development Seminar


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1)      To unleash the secrets / philosophies in and around you. Adding a few new dimensions to your vision for better clarity about life. Thus to improve your quality of life. Balance and growth are the two essential aspects for quality of life. To strike a balance between the balance and the growth itself a great game to win often, even for the best in the business.


2)      Awareness, control over thought process, self-identification.


3)      To learn how to juggle the various skill sets that you possess so as to improve your quality of life.


4)      (i) We have heard people saying follow your heart than mind, in which case many of you will be confused whether heart has got the capabilities to trigger an expression or an action. Secondly if you have two thought process each one guiding you for different destiny now you will be utterly confused to find out the recommendations of heart over mind.


          (ii) Similarly you would have often heard people talking about subconscious mind.  But I am sure for many of you these terms/chanting will sound as if they are meant for some extra territorial living creatures and not for you. After all it’s about the way you’re built in customised software works for you. Get clarity.



NOTE: You have spent 18 yrs + Lakhs just to learn basic survival skills and to increase your memory capacity. Why can’t you spend Rs.1000/- and 3 hrs of your time to enrich your attitude?

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