Personality Development Programme with Pradeep Prakash

Personality Development Programme with Pradeep Prakash


  • Personality Development Programme with Pradeep Prakash

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About The Event

 Our Personality development Programme spreads over four hours on Saturday, the 27th January, 2018 from 2pm to 6pm.

 This programme is run by our Principal Consultant Pradeep Prakash.

 The programmes aims at following objectives:

★ To increase the achievement drive enabling people to achieve unimagined results,
★ To develop healthy attitude towards work, people and situations, thereby enhancing enthusiasm and confidence to live and work with full energy,
★ To sharpen interpersonal and relationship skills through skillful management of emotions (Emotional Quotient) and attitudes,
★ To bring peace and harmony in self and world by a greater integration in the different parts of ones self(SpiritualQuotient), 
★ To learn how to release stress, increase physical energy and sense of well being,
★ Inculcation of optimum self-discipline, pride and passion for ones work,
★ Unblocking of creative energies,

In short the programme has been designed to develop the fully confident you having:
HEIGHTS (achievements) &

The programme facilitates in developing qualities of the head, heart and spirit. Human potential is unlimited and also massively under-utilized in majority of the cases. This programme provides an opportunity to work in this direction.

It has been designed to incorporate three fundamental growth processes in living:
1. Gaining orientation towards achievement, setting life goals for oneself;
2. Maturing or crystallisation of What I want in Life;
3. Achieving wisdom derived from ones experiences. This enlarges the scope of ones own thinking, feeling and behaving: Becoming One Self.

All the above processes have management of feelings at their base. The functional coping with variety of feelings within and without oneself strengthen these processes.

Here our invitation beckons you:

Please open your door,

I am love , laughter and Joy!

I rarely knock and

Now I knock at your door!

Would you like to open and explore?

All the lives that I have touched before,

Have healed their sorrow and pains of yore!

The investment for this programme is Rs2000 for four hours on a Saturday. GST @18% shall be extra.
Few scholarships for deserving candidates and students are available. Please contact to avail of the same.


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