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Personal Branding is a powerful element in your journey to success. Others' perception of you determines your success, in most cases. Apart from your technical capabilities, how you project who you are becomes critical. While everyone knows the art of Personal Branding and want to become a Strong Personal Brand, very few know how to construct their own branding holistically.

Your Personal Branding should be Strong from within, Powerful in presentation, Consistent in various situations, Clear for people to understand & Create a promise in the minds of people who see you! Your Personal Branding should help you attract the right kind of people and opportunities in your path to success.

The 3 day program - PERSONAL BRANDING POWER brings you intense introspective sessions of who you are as a BRAND, while offering you specific solutions to make you a Strong & Powerful Brand. Our program offers you the following:

  • Evaluate your current Personal Branding Status: You will understand where your Branding proposition is currently and how you are perceived now. This is important for you to understand why you need to do things differently and what is working for you.
  • You will set your Personal, Professional & Social goals for the future. Our Life, Executive & Leadership Coaches will help you set your goals using International tools for goal setting. Setting these goals is the priliminary process for your growth in taking your Personal Branding to a greater height.
  • You will then set your Personal Branding Goals, in alignment with your Life Goals. Your Personal Branding Goal setting will help you understand where you need to go from your current situation.
  • You will then map your need / gap between where you are now and where you need to go.
  • You will learn various elements that come together to make you a powerful Brand. You will learn how to use these elements and grow beyond expectations from you as a Brand. You will learn techniques that are used by successful Corporate Leaders and Business Owners across the world. 
  • You will put together a Personal Branding game plan for you in the 3 days, that you will be able to implement when you go back the next day.
  • You will build your architecture and strategy for creating your PERSONAL BRANDING. 

The enrollment into this workshop also gets you a free entry into the ongoing webinars that will begin post the workshop.

Poornima Kotak, India's leading Personal Branding Expert, has worked with more than 500 CXOs in India and has trained more than 1,50,000 people across the country is facilitating the program. She is a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, Certified Image Consultant and has worked in the Corporate industry for more than 2 decades. She has worked as National Business Head for Lakme Lever (Lakme Salons), National Training Manager for Avon, amongst others. She is currently the Creative & Executive Director for Image Styling Studio. She is also the author of an upcoming book - 'Your Personal Branding Is Your Business'.

For details contact:

Rajiv Kotak: 9845513413;

Jigna Kundalia: 9686613083;

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