Book Online Tickets for Pedal Hunt 2015 - The Race to Education, Chennai. Pedal Hunt 2015 - The Race to Education
The PEDAL HUNT  is a cycling event organized by LD Entertainments for raising funds for the education of underprivileged children for the NGO “BHUMI”. It is t

Pedal Hunt 2015 - The Race to Education


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    a race to raise funds for a NGO BHUMI

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About The Event

Pedal Hunt 2015 - The Race to Education




The PEDAL HUNT  is a cycling event organized by LD Entertainments for raising funds for the education of underprivileged children for the NGO “BHUMI”. It is to be held on Saturday the 27thof June from Velachery to OMR. This event involves a team of 2 and  3 cyclists decrypting the clues to find their next checkpoint. There are going to be twelve checkpoints of which each team has to crack ten checkpoints to be the winner. The clues will be in the form of a riddle or a puzzle. Once the team solves the puzzle they get a stamp and the clue, using which they can move on to the next point where their clue leads them. The cyclist who fail to crack the clues and in short of time can directly reach the end point. Each team will be given the emergency assistance number to connect to in times of need, but it is to be noted that the team needs to make sure that the entire team reaches every checkpoint and in case a cyclist encounters a medical emergency they can report the helpline and let the organizers know that the cyclist will not makeup to the next checkpoint because of the terms of the game.

Package each participant gagner.!!

Each registered contestant is entitled to the following benefits (worth over Rs. 2000/-):
• The cost of registration is Rs. 1000/- inclusive of cycles and Rs. 700/- without cycles.
• Rs. 1500/- voucher from O2.
• Two vouchers worth Rs. 300/- for free travel by Uber for first time app users
• Water, Redbull and Sandwiches provided as refreshments.
• A tank top
• 20% discount from Fashion Fort, Velacheri
• Discount from Menchie’s (10%)
• Discount from Freeing India - Rs. 100/-
• Discount from G Sector (15%), also known as ‘Laser Tag’
• Discount from Foody (10%)
• Participation certificate signed by TCC and Bhumi.


The pedal hunt is to be held on Saturday the 27th of June. The event starts from FASHION FORT,VELACHERY at 15:00 after the inaugural ceremony. Then ends at BSA,OMR around 19:00.


Rate of the registration: 700INR

Rate of renting cycles:

  • Normal cycles: 300 INR
  • Gear cycles: 350 INR

Terms & Conditions



PEDAL HUNT is the very first cycling event inside the city limits, which is done in a view to promote the need for cycling and to support a cause like no other event. This is done in a large scale; covering most of the important places in the city and thereby, attracting the attention of the general crowd. For the very first time the clues involve the common everyday routes that make them more tricky to crack. The biggest highlight of this event is cycling for a cause in the most interesting way possible.




  1. ‘Pedal Hunt’ is a time sensitive event but rushing in such a way that is a danger to others is prohibited.
  2. Teams will not be allowed to get cleared at check points if all members of the team are not present.
  3. Mechanical and medical help will be provided throughout the event; if a rider does face a problem, he is entitled to seek help and then carry on if he wishes to do so.
  4. If a team mate is unable to continue due to mechanical or physical problems, he/she must report the same to the helpline (provided on the day of the event) and only then can team mates continue the race.
  5. Refreshments will be available at various checkpoints; the time taken to refresh will be considered as part of the race’s overall time.
  6. Contestants will not be permitted or ride without helmets; contestants may hire helmets/Bikes from our rent partner BSA.
  7. Cycles are only rented to riders if an original government document is produced, which will be returned at the time of the cycle’s return to the retailer.
  8. If a person registers as a solo contestant, then LD Entertainments is at liberty to choose a team for the rider
  9. Foul play will lead to disqualification.
  10. Mobile phone usage allowed to figure out clues.

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