Programme for Environmental Development (P.E.D) - Plantation and Recycling Project

Programme for Environmental Development (P.E.D) - Plantation and Recycling Project


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About The Event

We are working towards a simple mission, to plant and share plant saplings with one and all in different parts of our city. The idea is to distribute the saplings and encourage participants to plant it at their locations such as at their house, society, institutions or any other place. Idea is to avoid planting it in some park or some common area because in such case one won’t be able to go and take care of the saplings after they are planted. We think it’s the colonies and buildings that need more trees and also one can monitor the health and progress of one’s planted sapling.

When we say 'Save trees', we are trying to seek out help/action from someone else to save the trees. When we say 'Lets plant trees', we are giving commitment and willing to work on our own.

This project is mainly conducted because we love the planet, its the only one we have. Don’t you want your children/grand-children to breathe in clean air ?
The main aim of this drive is to commit to take care of your sapling for atleast two years. Post that trees can take care of themselves.

From the next plantation project onwards we have planned of a small twist. Recycling of products like paper, glass, plastic, metals, etc. has been included as a part of this project. We personally plant the sapling for our participants and in return collect unwanted recyclable materials from them for recycling. Our aim is a total RECYCLE-REUSE-REDUCE revolution.

In any of our upcoming plantation project you can plant a sapling, sponsor a sapling for Rs 50 or both. Get in touch with us for further details and future plantation project schedules.

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