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                                                                               Ahmadiyya  MuslimCommunity

The worldwide  Ahmadiyya   Muslim  Jamaat  was founded in 1889 by Hadhrat  Mirza  Ghulam  Ahmad  the Promised 'Messiah  & Mahdi  in Qadian,  Punjab;  and  today  this  dynamic  and vibrant  community   spans  over  206  countries.  Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(AS) under Divine guidance, proclaimed   to  be the  Promised   Reformer  whose  advent was  awaited  by all faiths.  He declared  his mission  to be the  re-establishment  of love  and  sincerity   between   man and  his creator  and  man  with  his fellow  beings.  He emphasized   upon  the  real  teachings   of  Islam  brought   by Prophet   Muhammad   (Peace   and  blessings   of Allah   be upon    him). He recognized  the noble teachings  brought  by all the Prophets  & saints  and explained how the beautiful teachings of all great  religions  converged   into Islam.


                                            Universal  Peace  and Brotherhood

Attaining   universal  peace  and  brotherhood   through  the peaceful  teachings   of Islam  is one  of the  core  values  of the  community.   It preaches   and  practices   "Love  for All, Hatred  for None",  the motto of the community.  It regularly organizes   events  aimed  at spiritual  enlightment   and  encouraging  mutual  understanding   and tolerance.   Humanity First is a globally  renowned  organization   of the community working  dedicatedly  for humanity  services  across  the globe.  The community has been blessed  by theinstitution of   Khilafat,    the   spiritual    leadership    in   Islam.   Today Hadhrat   Mirza  Masroor  Ahmad (atba) is the fifth khalifa of the Community, leading the community in bringing  to light the true  message  of Islam: Peace, Love and Brotherhood.


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Kashif Ahmed :- 9920106606 , 9619507297 , 022 23070445

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