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About The Event


No matter at what stage you are in your life right now, but have you ever thought that you deserve a better quality of Life than which you are leading right now? Do you think that there is a next level for you to be reached? Then here you go. Path to personal power is a 2-hour ground breaking session of "Abhishek Sannidhi" one of the youngest Life coach and Entrepreneur. The outcome of this session is to breakthrough the current barriers of your life and achieve whatever you want from your life. This session is your true chance to uncover your true potential. Because god (creator) never plays favourites. He created all of us equally. Everybody has the potential to virtually achieve anything. But what really matters is how much of that potential do you tap into. How much of it do you utilize? So in this session, you will uncover some basic key strategies to uncover your true potential.




Abhishek Sannidhi is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Business Strategist, Psychological Coach. 
He is the Founder of a company named Abhishek Sannidhi’s Research Academy (ASRA). Through his company, ASRA Abhishek has addressed and coached millions of people all across the nation. There are many people who have transformed their lives through his live events and personal interventions.


Abhishek Sannidhi is the catalyst of change. He helps people to achieve those changes in their lives which they believe to be impossible or takes lots of time. 
He helps them to create those life altering changes in a matter of moment. Abhishek strongly believes that life can be changed in a moment. A moment where we truly decide to change something! And his life’s quest has been to figure out what exactly happens at that moment of transformation and teach it people so that they can achieve whatever they want in every area of life like physical, Social, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Career, Financial ETC.


No matter where you are in your life, there is always a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Abhishek is the person who can help you to figure out how to fill that gap. Up to now, he has saved many people from Suicides, Depressions, Career-Problems, Divorces, Addictions etc through his teachings. He is a person who always strives to end suffering from people’s lives. And for that sole purpose, he keeps on learning new distinctions and tools which can help people to turn their lives around.

Event info:-

  • Reservations: This event serves purely first come first serve basis. 
  • Timings: You need to be at the venue by 9:45AM
  • Tea & Snacks: High tea is served at the venue.
  • Dress Code: Any dress is fine. Make sure that you dress comfortably.
  • Note: its gonna be a high energy session make sure you come fully prepared for that. :)

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