Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop @ Thane

Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop @ Thane


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About The Event


You have to grow from inside out.

 None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.

 There in no other teacher but your own soul - Swami Vivekanand

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is most effective tool to heal physical,emotional,mental problems which one might be carrying from any of past lives which is creating obstacles to experience a healthy & happy current life. PLR is based on principales of cause and effect(Karma). Our past lives have a huge influence on who we are in current lives. PLR helps to discover the root cause of problems such as relationship issues,fear,phobias, chronic illness, nightmares etc. PLR requires to take a leap of faith by using hypnosis as a time capsule to travel through the pages of one's personal history & understand nature of one's problem & find cure.


Past life regression is a journey a person takes to his or her past life while he or she is hypnotised. It is a journey usually undertaken when one is in search of a spiritual experience or when one wishes to cure an illness - physical or emotional. The concept of a past life and karma is as ancient and accepted as time itself in country like India, and finds mention in the Upanishads and Patanjali's Yogasutra. 


This workshop aims to broden ones perspective towards life by understanding eternal nature of soul using past life regression tool. You will understand about human body,mind & soul on a canvass bigger than what we normally perceive through senses.

 The Topics covered are:

1) Science and Spirituality

 2) Chakra & Energy Bodies

3) Chakra meditation

 4) Levels of Consciousness

5) Soul Journey

6) Belief System

 7) Human Mind

 8) Meeting your Master meditation

 9) Past Life Regression Group Session

 10) Exercise


 EE: INR 3500.00

 Breakfast,Lunch & high tea included in cost.

 Participants will be given take away notes & a lifetime of experience with lots of understanding,awareness and insight.


Pl bring light pull over and yoga mat.

 Pl be on time.


Your Facilitator Mrs.Anushka Kapse is a practicing PLR therapist past 3 years. She is a Electronics Engineer by education. Her calling to spirituality came 5 years back when she got answers to her deep rooted pain which was beyond comprehension of her logical mind. This made her do soul searching on deeper level. She is certified past life regression therapist, REBT counselor & Realm Reader. Today she help people to understand ones true self through private sessions and workshops on PLR.



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