Passione-Transitioning from CareerGuidance to Passion Navigation

Passione-Transitioning from CareerGuidance to Passion Navigation


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About The Event

Hi, folks, every single person in this world possess the Humpty number of talents and skills. Many have their talents used, some make money out of it, some do service but some don’t even use it few ironically don’t even realize what their talents are.
Most of us think about our careers in terms of getting a good education so that we can get good paying jobs, a very few of us actually think in terms of understanding our own self better and then finding the appropriate career options.
What does Mine2Shine do?
We at Mine2Shine are here to help you identify, improvise, utilize all your talents and link them with your interests/passions to map them to right career opportunities...
Usually, a person’s professional success will reach its peak when his interests skills and opportunities intersect/coincide.
So first it is important to identify our skills , interests and opportunities and then match them optimize them to find the best possible career matching our passion
So this seminar will be an eye opener and start step to pursue your passion.
Who all can attend??
1)Students from 9-12th standard are direct benefactors
3)And at last anybody who wants to pursue their Passion
Book your seats by registering by SMS/Whatsapp/Mail @ 9789186428/
Entry fee : Rs 33-/-
Time 3-4Pm Date: 4-12-16
Venue: The Guidance Point, 14/27 , Nainiappa Maistry street , Royapettah, Chennai- 600014, Chennai

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