Parliamentarian Conclave- Patna Chapter

Parliamentarian Conclave- Patna Chapter


About The Event

 Bihar is witnessing a never before churning. Power equations have just changed. Old friends have been united again. What does it mean for the state especially since now both the Centre and the State are being governed by same parties? 
Bihar has had mythological significance. Vidisha in Mithila was home to Sita. This was also the place where Gautam Buddha was born. Magadh, on the other hand, had been the seat of arts, power, and learning for over thousand years. From Maurya empire to Gupta dynasty, the state has a long and glorious history.
Bihar is also home to largest population of youth in the country. Over 60 per cent of the state population is below 40 years of age. The youth is brimming with energy, potential, and ideas. They are in needs of opportunities for their energy to be harnessed optimally. The time is quite ripe for Bihar’s youth to steer India into the league of super powers. How much and how soon will they get this opportunity is the million dollar question.
Parliamentarian is organising a Conclave on September 9, 2017, at Gyan Bhawan, Patna to find the answer to such questions. The conclave will take up burning issues facing the country in general and Bihar in particular. These include infrastructure, spiritualism, employment, economy, education, channelization of young energy, media, politics, and power. 
As Indian youth gears up to take charge and soar high, it is essential for the country to ensure they have space to spread their wings. The conclave will provide a narrative which is expected to address all issues concerning the people of Bihar in a comprehensive manner. The conclave will provide a unique platform for the youth to develop a coherent and cogent worldview.
Bihar is the state known to produce a maximum number of bureaucrats every year. Universities across the country are filled with academicians hailing from the state. Yet, Bihar is still struggling to get an image makeover. The conclave will get into the heart of such questions and will find out relevant answers.
Please do come and be part of the change.

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