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Parents Day 2014


  • Workshop on Nutrition and Food

    26th July 2014, 11:30 - 13:30

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  • Workshop on Education and learning

    26th July 2014, 15:00 - 17:00

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  • Workshop on Pregnancy and Infant Care

    27th July 2014, 11:30 - 13:30

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  • Workshop on Behavior and Attitude

    27th July 2014, 15:00 - 17:00

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Date & TimeWorkshops & Session details
26th July 11:30-13:30 Workshop on Nutrition and Food: getting children to eat healthy and dealing with fussy eaters
Venue- Training room , Select CITYWALK, Delhi
Experts - Ishii Khosla ( Nutritionist ), Smita Gyan Srivastava ( Food and recipe blogger ) 
26th July 15:00-17:00 Workshop on Education and learning:Understanding your child's gift & fostering holistic development
Venue-Training room , Select CITYWALK, Delhi 
Experts- Steven Rudolph (Father of Multiple Natures), Nitin Pandey (Founder-parentune)
27th July 11:30-13:30 Workshop on Pregnancy and Infant Care:Pregnancy, new born & infant care, breast feeding and child's skin care
Venue - Training room, Select CITYWALK, Delhi
Experts- Dr Vaneet Parmar
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27th July 15:00-17:00 Workshop on Behavior and Attitude: Understanding the behavior of your child, encouraging healthy attitude, tackling aggression and back talking 
Venue- Training room , Select CITYWALK, Delhi
Experts -Dr.Rachna Singh, Astha Mahajan



Workshop on Nutrition and Food
Getting children to eat healthy and dealing with fussy eaters

26th July 11:30-13:30

 Ishi Khosla (A renowned Nutritionist)
A renowned nutritionist, Ishi has worked extensively in the area of children’s nutrition. Her chief interests revolve around food related allergies in children, and balancing nutrition concerns of children with new-age practicalities.
  Smita Gyan Srivastava (Food and recipe blogger)
A very picky eater herself, Smita explored creative ways of presenting food to her daughter. Today she runs littlefoodjunction, and has been acclaimed for her efforts across various media channels. She will share ideas, tips, and recipes with the workshop participants.
Workshop details

Is my child eating enough? Are we feeding our children the right foods that will boost their growth and development? What do I do about a fussy eater? Taking into account these challenges that parents face around the food and nutrition of their child, this workshop will deliberate upon the 3 focus areas:

1. Healthy food for healthy children.

2. Developing a positive attitude in children towards food.

3. Packaging food in an attractive way for fussy eaters.




Education and learning
Understanding your Child's Gift and Fostering Holistic Development

26th July 15:00-17:00

  Steven Rudolph (Father of Multiple Natures)
 He is an American educator and co-founder of Jiva Institute. Steve’s path-breaking  Multiple  Natures Test has helped over 1 lakh students and professionals understand their  personalities. He is also the author of two bestselling books: “Solving the Ice Cream  Dilemma” and “The 10 Laws of Learning.
 Nitin Pandey (Education expert and Parentune founder)
 Nitin is a young leader who has led change initiatives in child development & education. To  emphasize the importance of parents’ role in a child’s overall development, he embarked on  the mission to drive a positive change in child development ecosystem  through He has led parentune to be the most rapidly growing parents    community supporting more than a million parents.
Workshop details

Indian education is perhaps at a crossroad. Where at one end, each parent wants to provide the best possible for his/her child's development, the school on the other hand is striving to strike the right mix of holistic development for child-development. Given such realities, it's crucial that we foster the right surrounding and inputs for each child to achieve his/her own true potential.

1. How could parents collaborate with the school to get better outcomes for their child's overall development? Is learning & development just limited to the school or educators?

2. How could a parent curate a better developmental stimulus for his/her child to realize her own best? How could a parent go about understanding his/her child's interest areas, and in some cases, their child's gift and subsequently What could a parent do to nurture it?

3.How could a parent achieve more for his/her child's learning & development beyond school?"




Workshop on Pregnancy and Infant Care
Pregnancy, new born & infant care, breast feeding and child's skin care

27th July 11:30-13:30

Dr. Vaneet Parmar (Neonatologist)
He is a Paediatrician & Neonatologist of repute practising in Gurgaon for more than a decade. A regular guest Paediatrician on NDTV, Dr Parmar consults for Fortis Hospital and Privat Hospital.
Workshop details

Being pregnant is a very profound stage in life but amidst all the myths and controversies, sometimes, the mother is left confused. What to eat, what not to eat? What exercise to do? And after going through these challenges, the next step sometimes is as blurred. Does my baby require a massage every day? Is my body producing enough milk to satisfy his appetite? The workshop will discuss out some of these issues with a panel of experts.

1. Parameters for assessing the healthy development of an infant

2. What to do and what to avoid in pregnancy?




Workshop on Behaviors and Attitudes 
Understanding the behavior of your child, encouraging healthy attitude, tackling aggression and back talking

27th July 15:00-17:00

Dr.Shelja Sen (Child and Adolescent Psychologist)
Dr Shelja Sen is a child & adolescent psychologist, family therapist and mother of two vibrant     children.  She works at Children First, an institute for child & adolescent mental health. She holds      workshops and writes regular columns on parenting (Prevention and Good Housekeeping). She believes  that parenting is not about fixing the child but transforming and empowering ourselves.
 Astha Mahajan (Child Counsellor)
Having worked in the field of counselling and guidance for over 5 years, Astha has been a pioneer in training adolescents in life-skills and value education. Currently she is the counselor at a leading school and an active member of Association of Indian School Counsellors.
Workshop details

My child doesn’t listen to a no! I don’t know how to deal with the temper tantrum of child? How do I control the aggressive behaviour of my child? The behaviour a child demonstrates today has been identified as the key factor of his personality as an adult that in turn will determine his successes and failures. This session will try and find solutions on how to encourage positive behaviours and control the negative ones.

1. How to effectively say ‘no’ to a child.

2. Controlling aggression and channelizing energy positively.

3. Building a positive environment at home to encourage healthy development.

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