Parenting In a Digital World

Parenting In a Digital World


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About The Event

Youth today communicate in very different ways than their parents and even their older siblings.


Youth today communicate in very different ways than their parents and even their older siblings.


Online and digital communication is an integral part of their lives, and a focal point of their social engagement. Youth are joining the social networking scene every day, sometimes without their parents' knowledge or approval.



While social networking sites require children to be at least 13 or 14 in order to establish a page, many children are finding their way to the sites anyway. And in many instances, texting rather than spoken conversation forms the basis of relationship communication.



As a parent, it can be difficult to follow the latest trends in digital communication.



Young teens look to their parents and the other adults in their lives for guidance as they establish behavior patterns, especially about relationships. However, parents may feel uncomfortable about how to broach these topics or are unfamiliar with how today’s digital relationships begin, develop and end through on-line communication.




Parents are reaching out to each other and trusted community resources to understand more about the social networking world their tweens live in and how to parent in this digital age.



The session includes three sections, each corresponding to one of the learning objectives.



This parent awareness session offers information about

the use of digital Communication,


the importance of talking to youth about on-line communication and

tips for how to start the conversation with youth.


Some parents join the session with advanced knowledge of social networking; others will have less experience.





• Increase parent awareness about the use of social networks and other digital communication among middle school youth


• Increase parent’s comfort and skill in talking to their teens about digital boundaries


• Increase parent’s intention to discuss healthy relationship information with their teens



Who should Attend:- Parents of children aged 10yrs to 19yrs (open to teenagers)



Topics to be discussed:


1.Introduction: Teen brain and focus; Facebook and beyond


2. Focus activities:


A. What is Online Social Networking?


B. Awareness: What are the numbers? participants that we know that teens

are using online social networking tools and resources in huge numbers


3. Take a Digital Inventory


4. Talking about Technology: “Role-Reversal”


5. Conclusion-


Effective parenting requires balance of sensitivity and firmness. • Offer information about choices, consequences and responsibility.


Prepare, don’t scare  


Offer problem solving and guidance  


Be firm about your expectations


Tips for Talking to Your Young Teen about Relationships- Handout will be shared.



Methodology: 4 H- Head,Heart, Hands, Human





Help you to get to grips with what your children are doing online


Explain the WWW approach to keeping your children safer online


Give you the confidence to stay in control of your child’s digital life



Expert Session Trainer : Harpreet Randhawa


Mother of a teenage daughter, National Sportsperson, Ex-school principal, Teacher and army wife.

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