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Parent Plus Workshop



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About The Event


Why do we need to learn about better parenting?

 For our careers, we do about 14 years of schooling and for between 3-8 years of university preparation. But for the most important role of our lives- our role as parents – we have 0 years of formal preparation.

Our Parenting: 
1. We usually model on our parents parenting or its direct opposite. Not always the right model for our children in this generation.
2. Today’s parents craft our parenting through trial and error and end up children paying a heavy price.
3. With the cellular families of today, there is often a lack of support and a lack of resources.
4. We often end up as Google parents – with too much information, of doubtful credibility and questionable relevance?
We have to commit to learning to be better parents.The best time to start is early.


 TalentEase and ExtraMile now bring you the Parent Plus course.


 The Positive Parenting Difference- The New ABCD of Parenting

 Across 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each, we’ll work together on the art of science of being better parents. The workshops are designed to be highly interactive and include video clips, games, discussions and reflection and simulation exercises. Please attend as a couple. 

 ExtraMile will organize an activity session for the children at the same time as you are in the workshop so the children can have a good time.


 Workshop Modules:-

 Active Parenting

    1. Understanding what parenting takes
    2. What is ACTIVE Parenting and how do we practice it
    3. Equipping our children – Attitudes, Skills, Values


Beliefs Before Behaviour

     1. Creating Change that stays even when I’m not there
     2. Creating Habits that last
     3. Solution Therapy
Communication as a Parent
     1. Listening
     2. Decoding
     3. React to Respond
     4. Harnessing emotions
Discipline – Positive and Lasting
     1. Understanding Positive discipline
     2. Consistency is key
     3. Expectations and Consequences
     4. Personal Code
     5. Positive Discipline
About TalentEase:
TalentEase was set up to help build leadership skills and values with the young. To do this, TalentEase works with parents, college, and school management, teachers and directly with children and young adults to help prepare them with the real-life skills and values they need for the future.TalentEase has worked with over 2500 parents, teachers, principals and educators over various sessions to help further the goals of better, more effective future ready teaching. TalentEase has also worked with over 25,000 children and young adults through various formats of skill and value programmes and of these close to 15,000 children and young adults have been part of the continuous multiple –session leadership courses offered by TalentEase.
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