Paper presentations at GRIET

Paper presentations at GRIET


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About The Event

Paper Presentation:

GRIET is conducting a technical paper presentation on 4th and 5th of October 2013 as a part of its national level technical symposium “Pragnya’13”, hereby we invite all the interested students to register yourselves and mail us your PPTs by 29th of September 2013. The selected PPTs shall be updated on official website of Pragnya’13: by 30th September 2013.

A team can consist of only 2 members.

The registration fee is Rs.200/- per team . 


PPT rules:

1) The PPT submitted is to be in the IEEE 2 column format.

2) The cover page should include the following details à  Name, College Name, Contact details

3) Abstract should not be more than 500 words

4) Total time allotted for presentation minimum- 7 minutes, maximum- 9 minutes, Query time- 3 minutes.

5) The PPTs should be mailed to the following Email ids:

1)      EEE-

2)      ECE-

3)      BME-

4)      BT-

5)      CIV-

6)      MECH-

7)      CSE-

8)      IT-

9)      MBA-

10)  MCA-


Note: Please mail your Unique Registration Code and abstract to the email id of the Branch of Engineering you prefer to.


Guidelines for Paper:

Suggested format for the technical paper is:



         1) Objectives

         2) Beneficiaries (For whom)

         3) Value of results (Use)



Statement of Problem

          1. Succinct definition of problem (follows from material in the background section)


          1. Present methods of tackling the problem (if any)

          2. Proposed Solution

          3. Alternate solutions /approaches

          4. Novelty of Approach: How is your solution better than existing products that address the same     problem?


Technical Report

           1. Description of concepts, theories or approach involved in the proposed solution.

           2. Technical aspect of the proposed solution.

           3. Detailed technical specifications and pictorial representations (block diagrams)

           4. Description of the flow of operations demonstrating key features and functionality

           5. Performance estimate of the solution.

           6. Experimentation done to establish the workability of the above

           7. A link to the video of the working model/ prototype.




          1. Actual findings, significant output of tests and analysis (Must be readable)

          2. Include problems encountered, believability of results, accuracy estimates

          3. Pros and Cons of your solution

          4. Utility of results



          1. Your idea as a solution to the problem

          2. Additional applications

          3. Benefits to the users



Any other specific details

For Further details contact Hemanth Kotaru - 7207650965

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