Book Online Tickets for Pallete of Life, Hyderabad. The Palette of Life (PoL)~ Principles of Art for an Origin-al and Create-eve Life; you deserve this!Intention: Learn the art and explore the crucial link between art and life to reawaken the inner artist.Date and Timing : 23 - 25 November 201823

Pallete of Life


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About The Event

The Palette of Life (PoL)
~ Principles of Art for an Origin-al and Create-eve Life; 
you deserve this!

Intention: Learn the art and explore the crucial link between art and life to reawaken the inner artist.

Date and Timing : 23 - 25 November 2018
23 November : 3 pm - 8 pm 
24 - 25 November : 10 am - 7 pm

About the Workshop

Our education system emphasises on reading-writing-arithmetic, three skills that strengthen the left brain, that directs our logical - rational - masculine self. There is little or no focus on the arts that feed the right brain, the key to our creative-intuitive-feminine self. This imbalance not only creates the misogynist culture we see in society, it also blocks us from living our original and creative lives.

‘The Palette of Life’ is an invitation to a quiet movement to remedy this fundamental imbalance and repaint our lives and worlds afresh.

With its intense and invigorating format, ‘PoL’ will offer you a secular sacred perspective that re-establishes the crucial link between art and life. It will take you through the basics of art theory and hand hold you to see the colours, shades and patterns running your life. You will see through the very act of ‘seeing’ and understand how seeing creates and recreates our lives.

Through meditation, painting, sharing your heart and listening to each other, PoL will reconnect you with your innate originality and creativity. This workshop is an initiation, the first step on an exciting journey of reclaiming the creator within and restoring inner balance. As we restore balance within, we increase our capacity to co-create a balanced society. PoL is thus the first step towards a giant leap.

PS: All PoL participants are added to a secret FB group to delve deeper into art and life.

What to expect? : 
Understand why most people struggle with originality and creativity
Explore the ‘crucial’ link between art and life
Learn how the human eye and brain see and create art and life
Learn the basics of colour theory, tonal values, lines and forms
Discover the patterns and designs of one’s own life
Get introduced to ‘Gestalt Principles’
Create paintings on one’s own life
Meditate to paint and paint to meditate
Create your masterpiece
Begin your journey as an artist and a conscious co-creator of life

Who will be conducting it?
‘The Palette of Life’ Workshops are designed and facilitated by Madhureima Devii Dasi. A committed inner worker, she brings together a compassionate and ‘origin-al’ thinker, a researcher, and an artist, and sees herself as a ‘sovereign servant’ of the creative genius that channels the Universe. 

‘PoL’ is an inspired offering. Madhu believes that she is only the custodian of these workshops, the workshops are run by the ‘creative genius’ of the Universe that prepared her since birth to enable the birthing of ‘PoL’. 

Born in a picturesque town in Jharkhand, she had the privilege of gorging on mesmerising vistas from her baby days. This stroked in her a passionate love for life, its many hues and shades and helped her make most of her roller-coaster adolescence. Pushed by her tumultuous youth, Madhu took to inner work and spirituality early in life. During this phase, she found in painting and writing, effective healing modalities to heal both the self and the society.

Madhu has undertaken formal training in drawing and painting from Magunta Dayakar, a Hyderabad based artist of international repute.‘PoL’ blends Madhu’s learnings and insights as an artist and inner worker bringing forth a unique offering to stimulate and support human creativity.

Who is this workshop designed for?
anyone keen to understand life
anyone feeling lost in life
anyone eager to awaken the ‘inner artist’
anyone longing to learn the basics of painting
anyone desperate to create art
anyone feeling called to live an ‘origina-al and create-ve life’

Age Limit: 21 years and above

How much I need to pay?

Rs 10,000 /- only (includes art kit, lunch and snacks)

Where is it being held?

Vision Rainbow, Red Hills, Hyderabad

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