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All Singles ASSEMBLE for ART


About The Event

Paint-O-Holics UNltd is a time with beautiful colors, high spirits, and good friends - unlimited paints, unlimited grub, and unlimited fun! In about 2 hours’ time, a master artist leads you through the steps to create an acrylic masterpiece that you get to take home with you. We cover the painting supplies (14" * 18" stretched canvas (not canvas boards!!), brushes, paint kits, and you cover your clothes with one of our fabulous signature Paint-o-Holics UNltd aprons. All you need to do is show up ready to have an awesome time. Hey... no painting experience needed!

About the Event:

Paintoholics is all about the unlimited possibility that art and fun can bring into one's life. In a matter of 2 hrs, we facilitate not just an art session but create an opportunity to meet new people, network, and hopefully build friendships along with creating art while sipping on a drink or nibbling on some appetizers... in short, this is a time where you make a story that you talk about for a lifetime, and hopefully friends too. At Paintoholics UNltd we focus on giving you an experience and not just an evening doing something different. We believe in quality over quantity and that you can see from our past events ;) -->

About the Artist and Founder:

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Rashmi, a self taught mixed medium artist started her art studio kalatmaa in 1997. She received her Masters in Mass Comm and went on to work for television before getting a MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College (MA, USA) and until recently pursued art and a corporate career in parallel. Rashmi’s art adorns several, hotels, corporate houses, homes, and public and private spaces. More about her creations and art expeditions:

Ideal for an evening out with friends, date night, family time together, corporate team outings, ice-breaking events, and just when you want to do something different and have FUN!

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