Paintings By Rajendra Dhawan At Gallery Threshold

Paintings By Rajendra Dhawan At Gallery Threshold


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Gallery Threshold presents - Solo Show of Paintings By Rajendra Dhawan.

About Rajendra Dhawan:
Born in 1936 in Delhi he studied at the Delhi School of Art. Later went to Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris in 1953-1958 and to Belgrade Institute of Art in the year 1960- 62. Rajendra Dhawan taught painting in India until 1962 and later received a grant to travel to Yugoslavia in 1964- 1966. He is the founder of 'The Unknown' group which exhibited in 1964.

His style of work is very subtle and minimal. They are visual experiences and to absorb the reality buried under his strokes one must patiently look at the paintings first, and then gradually develop a connection. According to Olivier Beer, Dhawan is a painter of 'the interior elsewhere'. Colour plays an integral part in his works- the ochre's, the greens and the blues have a magical affect on the viewer, which invites one to participate in the artist's creation. Dhawan, rather than discovering what underlies this earth and the people on it, envelopes himself in the elusively tangible poetry arising when he probes, absorbs and shapes the sensation of being here and painting what it is, as though becoming the painting process itself. The pervasive wholeness is imbedded in the mild near-physicality of the picture frame fully covered by thin layers of paint which oscillates between and holds both translucence and opacity. Within the apparent limitation of the minimalist, his hazy colour spreads hint at boundaries and tonal permutations of soft, solid darkness and near sparkling luminosity, of almost lines and almost fields suspended on the threshold of motion. Dhawan retain echoes of actual forms or their evocation for the sake of understanding and feeling of the world on a refined, universalising plane.

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