PAALAM A BRIDGE for Talented South Indian Artists

PAALAM A BRIDGE for Talented South Indian Artists


About The Event

For quite some time there has been a need felt in Chennai for creating a platforms for generating greater awareness and support for contemporary visual arts. ‘Paalam’ is a group of concerned art lovers who have come together to work towards this cause – initially by hosting an art festival.

 “PAALAM” – A BRIDGE, will be held from 20th to 22nd January 2012. It will provide a forum for artists from the margins to exhibit their talent and reach out directly to art aficionados and collectors.

During the festival, art lovers can visit and enjoy three days of art, film, demos and live shows at SPACES, # 1, Elliot’s Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 90.

While senior artists have access to the handful of art galleries in Chennai there are many with talent who need exposure. Twenty four such artists have been short listed from the Southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka and Puduchery. These artists, representing a span ranging from the contemporary to the tribal, will display their work and will have the opportunity to interact with other artists, art collectors and the public.

The work of these artists will be available for sale without any commission to the organizers.

The art festival will include seminars and workshops with many renowned artists as participants, besides performances, film screenings and a food court.

About “PAALAM” (A Bridge):

“PAALAM” (A Bridge) is the brainchild of Curators Meena Dhadha and Gita, Thejo Menon, Kamla Ravikumar and Thara Ganesan. Powered by these 5 determined & dedicated women as the core team “PAALAM” (A Bridge) will bring countless opportunities to the participating artists as well its associates. Distinctive in their personality the 5 women have brought colorful creativity and packaged the 3 day art festival.

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