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The power of your voice
Speaking is the greatest doorway to meet your needs. It’s the doorway as a businessman, as a parent,

Biggest Workshop on Public Speaking in Delhi NCR - Own the stage


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The power of your voice

Speaking is the greatest doorway to meet your needs. It’s the doorway as a businessman, as a parent, as a coach, as a public speaker to meet your greatest needs. It’s also the doorway to inspire life into people.

“Communication is the distance between you and everything you want”

Great leaders inspired us by what they said more than what they did.

Action is the antidote to despair; action is also prescription to success. Most of us have not used our voice to its full impact.

Discover your own voice

As a human being speaking is the doorway to your greatest needs and desires manifesting.

Once you discover the power of your voice, you will start to realize the great responsibility that it comes with. You can build walls or you can build bridges.

Every time you open your mouth you are responsible for what you say and responsible for how it lands. What do you want people feeling, thinking and inspire to do?

Super leaders take responsibility for the words they speak. They also take responsibility how it lands. That’s called the next level leadership.

Imagine making Rs 10L - 20L or more in a single weekend teaching what you know and love.

Imagine traveling the world, staying at the best hotels and in the nicest rooms — at no cost to you!

Imagine getting to fly first class and take an assistant or your spouse with you, all expenses paid.

It may sound far-fetched, but being a world class speaker, trainer, author allows you to not only earn a fortune, but also live an extraordinary lifestyle.

But this is only scratching the surface of what you can achieve.

What are you going to learn?

  • How to choose the best topic for your trainings — one that will attract an audience and bring in steady profits for years to come.
  • The secret to speaking in front of a crowd of any size  from 100 to 1,000 and overcome even the most crippling cases of STAGE FRIGHT!
  • How to fill a room of any size, so that you can sell your program.
  • How to write, design, and create your own world-class training or speech – whether it’s a 30-minute talk, a full day workshop.

  • The quick and easy way to adapt your trainings into a book — helping you create a new revenue stream, gaining additional credibility, and giving you a fool proof method to market your programs.

  • How to use your programs to sell additional products and services — and how you can use your new, expert status to offer your work at a premium.

  • And much, much more!

    Biggest Workshop on Public Speaking in Delhi NCR.

    "Own The Stage - Master Public Speaking"


    In this competitive world of Business & Jobs only people who will be successful who will "Own The Stage". Those who will be great communicators, presenters & speakers will achieve success faster than others.


    You will learn

  • How to conquer stage fright?

  • How to get invited to speak at TEDx?

  • How to get paid as a keynote speaker?

  •  How to organise your own training & workshops?

  • You will learn communication skills to communicate well with your family, friends, clients, banker investors & VCs?





"One meeting can change your life! You will spend the day with like-minded entrepreneurs. Spend the day with amazing entrepreneurs who all have one thing in common – to learn the art of public speaking"




He Started His Career with a Job of Rs 300 To 300 Times Oversubscribed IPO in 1995 Followed By A Presidential Award. His Teachings are Straight from The Heart. 

Suresh’s high-energy style keeps his audience spellbound and his unique ability is getting people to take "action" in the real world to produce real success.

Suresh was born in a refugee camp in Ulhas Nagar Maharashtra His first start-up was at the age of 21. His company came out with one of the most successful IPO in 1995 which was oversubscribed more than 300 times. In the same year, his company was awarded Certificate of Merit by president Of India Late Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma. He had no capital, no education, no mentor, no internet, no telephone and NO EXCUSE. The only thing He had was lots of hard work and big dreams. He is a serial entrepreneur and coaching CEOs very selectively.

He is also the Co-Founder of India’s fasted growing business networking platform Tajurba Business Network.



Sahil Grover

Suresh Mansharamani opened up a whole new world for me, how important it is to be a good presenter, it does not matter whether you are currently a great orator or not. With the process in place, you can become one. 

With his enthusiasm, smiling face, honesty, fearlessness, encouragement, and hands-on approach, he helped me to get a button pressed inside me, which was guess rusted. 

He is giving us a step by step approach how to become a great presenter and own the stage, at the same time challenging our mindset. I now have a system for tracking my performance. Highly recommend. 

Thank you, sir.


Sushama Chitnis

Had great learning experience on 13th July 2019 at training organized by Suresh Mansharamani.

Whoever has fear of public speaking, must attend his training sessions.

Excellent and energetic coach.


Arun Bhutani

Suresh ji Is great Motivational speaker with a difference, providing practical approach to difficult issues like public speaking, energy level is very high and contagious which ensures learning at its best with fun unlimited .. a strong recommendation for everyone to be part of phenomena in happening.


Sukhvinder singh

It was a great experience, being part of an august gathering of a helpful lot of professionals being led, mentored and trained by Suresh Ji for injecting a heavy dose of Public Speaking skill to us. It was an episode of enriching ourselves with secrets, ideas, tips and tricks of public speaking trade. His vast experience of 60 years inspires me to keep polishing and sharpening my axe by always being in learning mode. Thank you, Suresh ji, for everything, you will always be a guiding light house to me ship of success.


Rajeev Rawat

A training which every person should attend who owns a business or a profession or even in job.... Awesome experience awesome energy.


Avinasha Sharma

It was one of the best workshops I attended to upgrade my Presentation Skills. It was truly an add on to my experience. Thanks to Mr. Suresh... a great motivator.



I have attended lot of workshop but when I attended workshop of Suresh sir, it was only eye opener for me. I have learnt lot of new techniques with practical exercises done by me during his workshop. He is simply superb and down to the earth. I really recommend each one who are hungry to learn then he or she should attend his workshop.


Sneha Sharma

The best part of the workshop is Mr. Suresh Mansharamani, his goal is to make people around him successful. Very engaged and helpful workshop for people who want to conquer their fear of public speaking. Every penny was worth. Enjoyed, learned and already looking forward to the next session.


Lohit Rishi

An Awesome Training session held By One & Only Mr. Suresh Mansharamani. The Best way to learn anything is how you can relate to that learning & implement it. In the session Suresh Sir helped us to implement what he taught us (Become a speaker & Presenter) & not just gave us a lecture of knowledge. Not just giving us the direction but also guiding us along the path. How you present yourself decides your future. Thank You Suresh Sir you are Awesome...

Looking forward for more such sessions.


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