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About The Event

5 Days 4 nights "Outdoor &  Adventure Summer Camp" is being Organised by Outlife at Hyderabad. The camp is being conducted for Children of Age Group of 8 to 15 years (Boys and Girls). The camp is conducted by team from  GHAC and Outlife. Outlife Focuses on bringing Outdoor Education to Schools and youngsters to enhance personal development. More details on Outlife can be had at 

Idea behind the Camp

Develop Self Reliance, independence, Courage, Spirit of Adventure in the participants.

Guiding Principles
Outdoors, Adventure and camping Experiences comprise of challenging experiences, both physical and emotional, which lead to new awareness, sensitivity and understanding in the students. In an outdoor camp, learners set out to explore the unknown as a team and in the process rediscover and re-connect with self and the world around developing Intrapersonal, interpersonal, ekistic and ecosystemic relationships.

The important aspect of the outdoor camp is the element of curiosity and creative anxiety at every step. Therefore, it helps the learner experience and understand how he/she navigates the unknown challenge and further develops his/her capacity to become self reliant, independent, confident and caring.

Learning Methodologies:

Experiential Education
Nature Based Learning
Place based learning
Challenge Based Learning

The Outdoor Summer Camp gives children the opportunity to connect with the natural world and learn all the outdoor skills they have been missing all these years.  

Children who attend summer camps often show an increase in self-confidence and independence. They learn positive values from positive role models and gain leadership and communication skills outside of the school and home setting. Children have a chance to develop as individuals and are given the freedom to be themselves

The Children will learn practical outdoor and life skills turning them into confident, creative and self-reliant individuals.

Activities include Nature and Adventure based Learning, Experiential Learning actvities, Bushcraft, Cultural and Personality Development Activities. 

Special Care is being taken to avoid heat in the afternoon by keeping the kids in cool place, specially created by aid of desert coolers.

Stay will be in Camping tents with Basic Hygiene, Mobile Toilets and Safety.

All our Staff is CPR and First Aid Certified. A Paramedic with vehicle will be available at the camp on all days.  We have a male and female on sentry duty throughout the night.

 The following activities and Topics will be covered. 

• Knots and Lashing

• Tent Pitching and Trenching

• Outdoor Skills - Fire, water, Shelter, Food

• Star Gazing

• Sport Climbing and Rappelling

• River Crossing

• Raft Building

• Outdoor Cooking

• Map Reading and Navigation

• Treasure Hunt

• Team Games 

Camp Location: Outlife Campsite, Keesaragutta: The camp is in a serene natural setting sorrunded by forest area with access to rocks, hills, ponds with typical deccan flora. 

Day Wise Camp Itinerary:  Summer Camp Schedule

The Camp is in a serene natural location which is safe and provides common facilities.

 Please check the following file for instructions on things to bring and camp policy. 

Summer Camp Instructions

Things to Bring

• Backpack/Rucksack 

• Bandanna or scarf

• Sun Hat / Cap

• Personel medication if any

• Dress clothes - 3 T Shirts / Full Track Pants / Under Garments 

• Wind Sheeter or Jacket.

• Night Wear - Pyjamas and T shirts.

• Swim Shorts for boys (optional)

• Swimsuit for girls (optional)

• UV protection cream / Sun Screen Cream

• Canvas / Sports/ Trekking shoes

• Slippers/ Floaters

• 3 pair Socks

• Towel

• Napkin

• Comb or brush

• Hygiene products and Toiletries

• Mosquito repellent Cream

• Shampoo

• Bathing Soap

• Washing Soap for clothes. 

• Tissue paper

• Steel Plate, Steel Mug, Spoon and a Lunch Box

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Camera - Optional

• Flashlight/ Torch

• Reusable 1 litre water bottle 

• Notebook/pen/pencil

• 2 Garbage Bags

• zip-locks to keep small items together 


Outdoor Kit (To be separately packed in a small bag or pouch) 

• Whistle

• Small Mirror

• Map reading Compass (you get this at Himalaya stationary shop)

• 5-meter cotton rope 1/4-inch-thick you get this at hardware or military stores

• Basic First Aid Kit. (Band-Aid, Cotton Gauze, Antiseptic Cream, Pain Balm like moov or iodex)

 Important: Participants have to label their clothing and belongings with their name.


 What not to bring to the camp

  • Cell phones, tablets, game players, Toys, DVD players, mp3 players, radios, e-readers, or video recorders or other electronic devices are not allowed in the camp. Any devices found will be confiscated and returned at end of the camp.  

  • Jewellery, expensive watches, Cash are not to be brought to the camp. 

  • Make-up or expensive clothing

  • No perfumes or aerosol / pressured deodorants 

  • Fireworks 

  • Personal sports equipment 

  • Knifes, Weapon, Sharp Objects, Matches, Cigarettes or alcohol are not allowed in the camp. 

  • Any prohibited items found with anyone will invite disciplinary action and removal from camp.

  • No food, snacks, or candy to be carried. Healthy Veg Meals and Snacks will be provided to the kids at all times.  Food at Camp is vegetarian only.  

Outlife is committed to preserving the spirit of the summer camp. In our opinion, a cell phone, personal media players and other electronic devices inhibits one’s link with camp experiences and diminishes the capacity to grow within a team and the natural environment. For these reasons we prohibit participants from bringing cell phones and other electronics to camp.  we have also found that kids who bring cell phones have a harder time adjusting to camp life and can have more difficulty with homesickness.  

A large part of camp is learning to be independent and you can help your child succeed by making sure the camp rules are followed.  


Camp Behaviour  

Participants cannot leave the camp site on their own anytime during the entire duration of the camp without informing the instructors. 

No arguing, name-calling, or swearing, biting or hair pulling. Fights and quarrels and bullying are not allowed on the camp. Any fighting may warrant a disciplinary action. 


Camp Discipline Policy

1. If a child is unable to comply with the behavior expectations, a time-out will be given. The number of minutes of time-out will not exceed the child’s age in years. Timeouts are always supervised by an adult. 

2. If the unexpected behavior is repeated the second time the child will not participate in the entire activity. 

3. If the unexpected behavior is repeated the third time a counselling will be held by the  Camp Coordinator with the child and the  Camp Coordinator will speak directly with the parent(s)/guardian.

4. If the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive and/or unsafe, the child will be subject to dismissal from the remainder of camp without any refund and the parent and guardian will be asked to take away their child from the camp. 


Facilitation Team 

The Facilitators range from Adventurers, Naturalists, Army Officers, Outdoor Facilitators and Teachers.

Location: Divya Retreat, Keesara, 50 KMs from Hyderabad


Cost: Rs: 8900/- (Special Discount) till 10th April 

Regular Registration Fee: 9900  from 10th April

Payment Information. 

Registration Procedure:

1) Make Payment through meraevents link given above.

2) Print the Registration Form and the Disclaimer Form  and submit to OUTLFIE office or on the day of the event.  

Last date for Registration is  25th April, 2017

Contact:  04068888087, 7729988783

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