Counter Gaze -  An Exhibition Of Shruti Gupta Chandra

Counter Gaze - An Exhibition Of Shruti Gupta Chandra


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Shruti Gupta Chandra presents canvases that unravel the complexity of urbanisation.

Life-size canvases with strong figurative forms - whose inherent masculinity filled up the pictorial space with an overpowering sense of physicality - is what artist Shruti Gupta Chandra has been famous for. In her latest solo show titled Counter Gaze, however, she springs a surprise with a marked turn in her oeuvre.  The scale of her work remains the same – some works as large as 6 feet by 5 feet –  and so does the ideology of articulating her concern about human life within fast growing urban spaces but now this political/gender critique appears in subtle tones. To achieve this effect, she has moved away from her earlier indulgence with the homo-centric figurative language and explores a far more abstract pictorial language full of grids and staircases.


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