Organic Terrace and Balcony Gardening Workshop

Organic Terrace and Balcony Gardening Workshop


About The Event

 My Dream Garden reaches out a hand to help for those who want a fresh environment with decorating your balconies, passages, front space, indoor and mainly to grow fresh and organic vegetables on an empty terrace or space around.

Put hands together to change your environment into a green space. To bring change in the surroundings, to beat the heat and also to help the poor nature by avoiding chemicals. And it helps every child to learn, how to grow chemical free foods on their terrace.

This event is exclusive in facilitating and guiding people to grow their own chemical free vegetable foods on the terrace. It will be an interactive workshop with below mentioned topics.

• Introduction of Vegetable Gardening
• Importance of Organic Gardening
• Selecting plant containers
• Vegetable seed selection
• Soil preparation
• Seeding
• Watering and timing
• Pest control
• Composting
• Q&A

Registration cost: Rs.300/- per head. (For kids it's free)

This is to promote Terrace/Organic gardening and environment-friendly by growing plants to save the earth. Interested people can also call us @ 7676021777 / 7813933777 for registration and queries.


Spread the word with your friends, family and help us to bring back our garden city. Feedback and comments are well appreciated. Please contact for registration and other queries.


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