Organic Farming Workshop

Organic Farming Workshop


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About The Event

Discover the art of Organic farming through our 5-day program. Learn scientific way of growing veggies organically. Understand plant cycle, types of vegetables and fruits, get practical tips for your own kitchen garden and experience the difference between organic and synthetic foods. Make a healthy choice today.


Dr. Narayan Reddy

Dr. Narayan Reddy is a prize winning organic farmer (who made the transition from conventional agriculture in 1980), writer and trainer from bangalore, India.

As a boy, Dr. L. Narayana Reddy ran away from his parent’s home and lived and worked for years in cities. After he inherited a small piece of land in 1972, just outside bangalore, he decided to start farming. After Mr. Reddy received some magazines on organic farming in 1975 from a friend, he started to convert his farm to ecological agriculture.

Today Dr. Reddy is a legendary organic farmer and is one of the most sought after resource on ecological agriculture. He has set up a centre in Doddabalapur, near Bangalore, for experiential learning of organic farming. He now is an active promoter of organic bio-diverse farming at various Indian & international forums.



Topics Covered

  1. Soil Conservation.
  2. Building up of Humus.
  3. Maintaining Microbial Population.
  4. Water Conservation and Utilization.
  5. Effective Crop Management.
  6. Pest and Disease Management.



Vrindavan Cottages

Nice and spacious rooms, closer to all the amenities like Dining area, swimming pool and Ayurvedic wellness center. It is Non AC. Each room has two single bed and attached bath and a drying area.

Barsana Cottages

Room, they are individual cottages with 2 rooms each, Rooms are slightly smaller but a common place is given in between two rooms. They are slightly away(walk of 5 minutes) from the amenities like dining area, swimming pool and Ayurvedic wellness centre and situated on a small hillock. Best if one wants privacy but better to avoid if one has problem walking or going up and down the stairs. It is Non AC. Each room has two single bed attached bath and a drying area.

Gokul Single Rooms- Shared Bath

A Gokul Single is a small private room with one bed and shared bath. They include a ceiling fan, a desk with chair, electric tea kettle, a closet with hangers, and a small room heater. Bed linens, pillow, blanket, and towels are provided. A hall bath located in each area is shared by guests – averaging 2 people per bathroom. We make every effort to house guests in single gender dorm areas; however, depending upon enrollment, some areas may be coed.

Basic room amenities are same in all the rooms and rooms are Non ac as we are an eco village.



Terms and Conditions

  1. Those seeking to end the overnight stay/day visit/camp early may do so, without any discounts, returns, etc. from GEV.
  2. No product(s) made of/or containing – meat, fish, or eggs is allowed in GEV premises.
  3. Smoking or chewing of paan, tobacco, gutka, etc. is prohibited.
  4. Consuming or having in possession alcoholic beverages while on GEV is prohibited.
  5. GEV has a no littering policy. The claim of littering rests solely on authority of GEV. A penalty of Rs.500/- may be imposed.
  6. All meals are vegetarian (no onion, garlic, mushrooms or meat served). Special requests (Jain/Vegan) or Diet restrictions has to be intimated in advance. GEV is not obligated to fulfil all requests.
  7. Please dress respectfully (no tank-tops, short, tight or revealing clothing, etc.). Guests may choose to opt for Indian styled clothing like kurta, long pants or dhoti (for men) and saris, punjabi suits, gopi dress and long skirts (for women).
  8. Vehicle movement inside GEV is prohibited. Guests are requested to travel light and be prepared to carry their luggage from the parking area to their rooms (approx. 1km). If your group consists of kids, senior citizens or physically challenged please ensure their well-being. GEV is not obligated to provide any conveyances.
  9. Please carry necessary items as per season like rain coats, umbrellas, warm clothes, torchlight and batteries, personal water bottles to fill and carry around, swimming costumes, any specific medicines needed.
  10. Be conscious and respectful to other guests, staff members and facilities at GEV. Don’t make a scene, loud noises or any action that disrupts the serenity at GEV.
  11. GEV reserves the right to deny entrance or cancel bookings (even while on going – with appropriate compensation) upon the breach of any of these T&C.

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