Book Online Tickets for Oracle Integration Cloud Service Online , Hyderabad.  Rainbow training institute Provides Oracle Cloud Integration Service Online training. Rainbow having best expert trainers to give Oracle ICS Online training and trainer will provide the best Oracle Cloud Integration Service practical and o

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 Rainbow training institute Provides Oracle Cloud Integration Service Online training. Rainbow having best expert trainers to give Oracle ICS Online training and trainer will provide the best Oracle Cloud Integration Service practical and online training in Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Bangalore, USA.we also provide self-paced videos for online classes.

What is Oracle Cloud Integration Service :

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple and powerful integration platform in the cloud to maximize the value of your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications.

Oracle ICS is a cloud-based integration platform from Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform services. it offers a user-friendly web-based interface enabling citizen integrations to quickly perform some basic mapping and integration between (Cloud) applications.

Rainbow Training Institute provides Oracle Integration Cloud Service Online Training with well-experienced trainers having good Oracle ICS knowledge on both Online and Classroom training. Rainbow trainers explain with practical Oracle ICS Online Training.

Objectives of the OIC course include providing in-depth and real-time knowledge on different concepts of Oracle ICS, such as ICS components, capabilities, the creation of packages, usage of prebuilt integrations, triggering and invoking adapter configuration settings and defining them, insights on data mapping, message exchange patterns, usage of other connections

Course Content:


1.Introduction to Oracle Cloud Applications

2.Oracle Fusion Architecture

3.Integrations in Oracle Fusion Applications (SAAS,on-premises,third parties)

4.Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)


OIC Architecture:

1.OIC Features

2.Integrations (Connecting Applications)

3.Process Builder (Automating Business Processes)

4.Visual Builder (Developing Applications)


Provisioning/Setup OIC Instance:

1.First-time access to Oracle Cloud, My services and integration Cloud

2.Provisioning OIC Instance

3. Maintaining OIC Instance

Basic Workflow:

1.OIC Integration Components(Adaptors,connections,Integrations,Designer)

2.Quick Review of Basic Configuration Workflow with SOAP Adapter


pre-Packaged Components:

1.Prebuilt Integrations

2.Oracle Market Place (Oracle Created and 3rd Party)

3.Prebuilt Connections

4.Downloading/Importing and Using Prebuilt Integrations


Maintenance Of Integrations:

1.Packaging Integrations

2.Viewing/Creating/Exporting Packages

3.Versioning Integrations

4.Activation/Deactivation of Integrations

5.Monitoring Integrations, Activity Stream, Agents and schedules

6.Tracking Messages

Adaptors and Connections:

1.Oracle Cloud Adapters

2.Packaged Adapters

3.Creating Connections

4.Connections properties (Triggering & Invoking) and Security

5.Configuring Oracle Applications Cloud Adapter

6.Configuring non-Oracle SAAS Adapters Definition

7.Configuring SOAP Adapter

8.Configuring REST Adapter

9.Configuring Database Adapter


1.OIC Message Exchange Patterns(Synchronous,Asynchronous & Event Based

2.Adapters and Message Exchange Patterns

3.OIC Supported Integrations Patterns

Defining Integrations:

1.Integrations Designer Overview

2.Creating Integrations

3.Defining Trigger/Source Connection

4.Defining Invoke/Target Connection

5.Data Mapping

6.Tracking Fields

7.ADdding Enrichments

8.Activating and Testing Integrations (General WSDL)

Data Mapping:

1.Data Transformations

2.Visual Mapping

3.XPath Functions

4.Advanced Mappings(jdev XSLT Editor

5.Lookups (Map Code Values)

Content-Based Routing:

1.Define Content Based Routing

2.Adding Filter & Routing Expressions

3.Routing Path & Mapping Data

On-Premise Integrations (Agents):

1.Agents for SAAS On-Premise Integrations

2.Agent Framework

3.Agent Group

4.Downloading the Agent

5.Agent Configurations

6. Running the Agent

7.Monitoring the Agent

8. Maintaining the Agent and Agent Groups


1.Defining Integration Schedule

2.Managing Integration Schedule

3.Monitoring Integration Schedule


1.Security Configurations

2.Administering Security Certificates

3.OIC User Roles & Privileges

Faculty Experience on Oracle ICS Online Training:

1.Real-time Expert trainers in our institute.

2. Live Online Classes and also Provide classroom training.

3.provide free Demo Youtube training Classes.

4.we here provide online classes in the morning, evening and weekend Batches.


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