Optimism, Leadership and Results Workshop @ Delhi

Optimism, Leadership and Results Workshop @ Delhi


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About The Event

In these times of rapid change and global economic uncertainty, businesses need to be prepared to take risks and continue on the path of investing in the long term, while ensuring short term survival. This often means treading an uneven path with huge pressure to deliver what may appear to be unachievable. In such conditions only the optimistic and positive teams succeed.

Optimism is a critical leadership skill. Optimistic leaders have an advantage - they raise the aspirations of their teams by focusing on positive outcomes through innovation and problem solving. They prepare people to take risks and dig deep into themselves and make use of their full potential. 

Optimism is a skill, which can be developed, just like any other leadership skill. Dr Aruna Broota and Giraj come together for a unique workshop on Optimism, Leadership and Results which will give your leaders a new perspective in leadership skills. 

The workshop will cruise through macro issues:

  • Optimism and Success - is there a connection?
  • Link between good leadership and optimism
  • Optimism - it can be managed! One can train one's mind to be optimistic

With sub sets as:

  • Optimism and Decision making
  • Optimism and Risk taking
  • Optimism and Creativity
  • Optimism and Talent Nuturing
  • Optimism and Work Life Balance
  • Optimism and Result Orientation

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