Open Secrets to a fit body and a serene mind

Open Secrets to a fit body and a serene mind


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 Can anyone know you more than yourself?
Fitness can’t be achieved in the future by toiling in the gym for years. It is available here and now. Awareness of the incessant and compulsive thinking about a fitter healthier body in future brings only a temporary high. But it burdens your mind constantly and prevents you from taking necessary and effective action now. This is a 3 Phase program:

(1) Know yourself truly: Get to know your body, it is nothing but the gross form of your mind. So, verily getting to know your mind without any prejudice and reservations is actually knowing your body. This can be and will only be done by you by entirely. By asking right questions I shall only point your attention to what is relevant. With that, you will get to know yourself much more intimately than ever before. You will then be able to clearly see what and how ‘less’ is really needed by this body and how much our minds when unenquired amplifies the simple needs to stay fit, healthy and at peace. This is the strong base on which the rest of the program depends.

(2) Workout: The second phase involves a workout tailor made based on your needs and preferences.

(3) The Key: The third phase involves the physical workout chart and techniques to used to keep you on the right track. This can be a ‘homework’ from any time between 1 week to 4 weeks based on your ability to keep up and persevere. I, as a facilitator, will feel more than accomplished when my participants after a few sessions wouldn’t need to see me or any other teacher for their own wellbeing. 


Against my parents will, I started bodybuilding at the age of 14 on the sly. By the age of 21, I became a 3 States Champion and secured 5th position – at the national level. But a meniscus injury put a brake on my blooming bodybuilding career. 
With a desire to help people achieve their fitness goals, I became a certified fitness professional from ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine). But even that wasn’t enough until 5 years ago, as I discovered about Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, Yoga, its essence and implications in daily life. 

It was a stepping stone to a process of unlearning from outside and the true learning from within. From that time on, my constant practice is to be still and see. Seeing not ‘just with the eyes’ but with my whole being. Living like that, everything is a teacher and you are constantly learning without the pencil or even your memory. 

I feel the greatest achievement one can have is to be able to use the mind when needed and to put it to rest when not. You are fit both when you are exercising, but more importantly, when you are not. 

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