Book Online Tickets for Open Rapid Rating Chess Tournament, Navi Mumba. Sat, Oct 14, 2017  Shubhmay Kalaniketan, Nr. NHP School, Sector 19, Airoli   Elo Rating to all players Entry Fee: Rs.500 1st Prize: Open: Rs.1000, Rs.500 in U-30 yrs. & U-12th std. Trophies in other gr

Open Rapid Rating Chess Tournament


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About The Event

Sat, Oct 14, 2017 

Shubhmay Kalaniketan, Nr. NHP School, Sector 19, Airoli   

Elo Rating to all players 

Entry Fee: Rs.500
1st Prize: Open: Rs.1000, Rs.500 in U-30 yrs. & U-12th std. Trophies in other groups
Play in multiple groups at Rs.200 extra / Trophy for participating in 3 grps

5 pm - 7 pm

​ Creating Chess Awareness​

​Punctuality discount if paid 1 week before start of tournament: Rs.100

Rs.100 off for students of Barve Group

​Play Chess, Learn to think

​Master ur own game invented in India

Learn rational & logical thinking by playing chess

Let's finish the slave mentality & learn to live with self pride

Dedicated to S.L.Harsh, Kuldeep Sharma, karan Duggal, etc & their team for defeating All India Chess Federation (AICF) in the Competition Commission of India (CCI) which has ordered that AICF has no right to ban any chess player & ended monopoly of AICF in chess

Get a free entry by bringing 5 friends to participate

If u bring 10 friends, ur whole entry fee will b waived off & we will also pay u one persons entry fee as a reward for ur efforts & help

Time Control: 10 Min each player

Rounds: 4-8 depending on no. of players          

Not a knockout event: 
All players can play all games even after losing    

Fast rounds, immediate next game after ur previous round finishes. No waiting        

Prizes may b cancelled & groups may b merged bcoz of less participants  
Categories: Upto 4th std / 7th / 12th / 30 yrs / Veteran / Open (Adults / Parents)           

​Agreed Draw prohibited 
Pls. send participants face photo with white background on or whatsapp if u want a photo certificate. 
Spectator Ticket: Rs.100

Last day Entry fee: Rs.100 extra

Fee Non refundable
Participant must take a written oath that he wont support politics in chess or any sport & will never participate in any association tournament where organiser forcibly pays some extortion money to association like percentage of its revenue to avoid getting banned

Affiliated & recognised by World's most active organisation Barve's Chess Promoters Group-Creating Chess Awareness

​CPM rules apply  

Pls. bring ur own chess sets & timers if possible

For outstation players, AC Accomodation with TV at Rs.1500 per room (3 adults)/ Mumbai Darshan at Rs.500

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