Online Marketing Webinar for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing Webinar for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


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    Online marketing Webinar for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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About The Event

Are you curious about how to build an international start-up? Ever thought of how managers launch their start-ups on a global platform and the kind of marketing and business strategies they use for a successful launch? If not, then now is the time to curb your curiosity and indulge yourselves into the exciting world of building successful start-ups. Rocket Internet, the biggest start-up incubators in the world, in association with one of its youngest ventures, CupoNation, is going to host a special event for students and young professionals from Business, Marketing and other co-related fields and help them lay their founding steps into the start-up culture.

What is it: Rocket Internet and CupoNation are going to organize a Webinar which would be held as a Seminar hosted on the World Wide Web. The Webinar comprises of two parts. The first part will have two online sessions conducted by the Managing Director of Rocket Internet companies, Dr. Andreas Fruth. The second part will be in the form of a special contest, wherein the students will take part in a case study. This contest would not only help students to completely acquire the knowledge imparted through the Webinar but also to test and display their skills in a practical manner.
When: The first session of the Webinar will be held on 21st November, 2013 and the second one, on 28th November 2013. The topic for the contest would be announced on 28th November, 2013.

How to participate: In order to participate in the Webinar, all you have to do is to go to CupoNation ( and sign up for the Webinar by submitting your email address and personal data. After you have been successfully registered, we will send you an email with information on how to log in and take part in the Webinar platform.

What is the content of the Webinar: The two topics that will be covered in the Webinar sessions are:

1. Lessons learned from building international start-ups (2013-11-21, 13:00 CET) This session will focus on the process involved in launching your own venture successfully. Amongst other things, Dr. Fruth will cast light on establishing an optimized business model, getting the right team on board, careful selection of market, conceptualization of business and managing the actual roll out process.

2. Rights and Wrongs of the Online Marketing World (2013-11-28, 13:00 CET) Understanding the marketing channels and having a sound reporting system are the key pillars to any online start-up. Dr. Fruth will explain Online Marketing channels including search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. Furthermore, key performance indicators and business intelligence reporting would be explicitly discussed to understand their impact on your business.
What will be the contest task about: The task will only be revealed on 28th November at CupoNation’s website -

Reward for the winners of the contest: The contest winners would be awarded with an opportunity to have a paid internship (plus accommodation covered) at CupoNation Munich (Germany) or they could choose to receive a free MacBook Pro. The results from the contest will be announced at CupoNation’s website on the 20th of December.

About Rocket Internet: It is the world’s biggest online start-up incubator which operates successfully in more than 50 countries. They have been building online companies since 2007 and have created over 100 market leading companies such as FabFurnish, Jabong and OfficeYes Zalando, eDarling, Glossybox, Westwing, Wimdu in more than 50 countries. In 2012 alone, Rocket Internet raised a funding of more than 1 Billion € for the first phase of its new start-ups. CupoNation, one of the younger projects, is an online portal that offers promotion codes and coupons for the biggest online shops in 12 countries. Rocket Internet’s vision is not only to build up great companies, but also to attract talent and develop the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, the goal of this project is to introduce young professionals, students and other interested people to the ever so fast growing global start-up industry and provide them with consistent knowledge and incentive to shape themselves into successful entrepreneurs.


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