One Page Management Systems (OPMS)

One Page Management Systems (OPMS)


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About The Event

 About the workshop:

The ‘One Page Management System’ (OPMS) is a uniquely powerful aid problem Solving and decision making that enables user to construct-from their own Available ideas - an effective action plan to accomplish any chosen mission. The OPMS uses the inbuilt human capability of ‘self-correction’ to, ensure, over Iterations, that weak ideas are strengthened; wrong ideas are eliminated or modified.

 The OPMS approach is based on the seminal contribution to systems science by  The late john N. Warfield. It has been judged to be ‘the next big thing’ in enabling The effective application of `mind resources` to the issues and problems confronted.

The workshop will enable participants to choose a mission of current interest and Will demonstrate how they may initiate an action plan to accomplish it from their own currently available ideas.

Key take-away:

  • Initiation of action plan to accomplish chosen mission
  • How to continue development of action plan
  • Copy of OPMS prototype software to enable continue independent development of  Action plan, or work on any other mission of interest

 Workshop facilitator:

GS Chandy invented the `One Page Management System` (OPMS); was close collaborator of late John N.Warfield - has facilitated over 60 highly-Commended OPMS workshop for organizations ranging form small to large. He describes OPMS as ‘As operating system for the human mind’-And proposes to demonstrate the validity of this claim during the workshop.

 GS Chandy has an unusually wide-ranging background – engineering; research in Mathematics; wandering in the Himalayas; journalism; advertising; small-scale industry-and finally system design leading to the OPMS.

 He did engineering studies at Bangalore during 1956-60,when he won a fellowship to research into pure mathematics at Brandeis University, Waltham, MA., USA, 1961-64.

He had published articles and columns for various newspapers and magazines (in India and abroad) from school days on; also had risen high in the advertising and mass Communications industry-gave this up to do some relief work in E. Bengal. He later Founded a small scale unit to design educational kits to assist math learners-which strangely became a large ‘furniture and interior decor unit’!

 Who should attend?

  • Senior managers and executives in organizations
  • Senior software developers
  • Anyone wishing to accomplish a
  • Challenging & ambitious Mission

 Key topics

  • OPMS overview- what? Way? How?
  • Choosing a mission
  • Ideas to help accomplish mission
  • Constructing an action plan
  • Integrating all ideas to create a real ‘system’ to accomplish mission


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