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Onam Special Ritual


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    Onam Special Ritual

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About The Event

Onam Special Ritual - Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam

Scheduled on August 28th, Friday at 6.00 AM - 8.00 AM IST


Onam the most colorful festival celebrated every year in the month of August – September, this year it is celebrated on 28th, August 2015. Since Onam and Varalakshmi Vrat is commencing on the same day, it is considered the most auspicious and favorable day to attract more wealth and prosperity.


Program Agenda:

Prathana, Ganesha Puja, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam, Karpoora Aarthi/Deeparathana, Mantra Pushpham for Ganesha, Sankalpa to Ejamanars/Sponsors, Yadhasthanam, Kalasa Avahanams, Archana for Avahana Devadas, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam Deeparathana, Rudram, Chamakam, Purusa Suktham, Narayana Suktham, Durga Suktham, Sri Suktham, Bhakya Suktham, Shanthi Panchakam, Pavamana Suktham, Ayusha Suktham, Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Puja & Japa , Agni Invocation, Ganesha Homam, Parivara Devada Homam,Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam Deeparathana, Namaskaram, Maha Purna Huthi, Kalasa Deeparathana/Maha Deeparathana, Mantra Pushpam, Yadhasthanam, Kalasa Purochanam/Holy Water, Maha Prasadams, Final Namaskaram Process/Blessings from Bramanas.


Significance of Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam

Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam on this auspicious day of onam and Varalakshmi vrat is believed to be the most powerful and favorable to begetting combined blessings from Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi for the well-being of the whole family.


Benefits of Performing Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam

- Vamana Avatar Varalakshmi Homam helps to attract more wealth and prosperity.

- It is very favorable for the well-being of family members.

- Performing this homam will bestow the married couples to lead a happy and healthy married life.

- Individual gets monstrous quality to battle despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, wrongs and adversaries and develops out as a champ.


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