Onam Festival 2017

Onam Festival 2017


  • Onam Festival 2017

    Onam Special Rituals bestows victory and knowledge. It removes karmic entangles and dosha. It also provides material wealth, longevity, health and happiness.

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About The Event

Intense Rituals on Onam Festival

To Get Victory, Revitalise & Stay Blissful

Scheduled Live on September 4, 2017 6 AM IST

Vedicfolks is celebrating this grand fest on September 4, 2017 with remarkable ceremonies to usher in contentment and prosperity.

Onam Brings With It Hope & Promise

The Malayalam month of Chingam brings plenty of hope and assurance to the people all over the world. Onam, the festival of prosperity is also celebrated during this time with great joy and fervour. It is a ten day festival which begins on Hastham star and concludes on Thiruvonum star which marks the day of the festival.

The Spiritual Significance of Vamana Avatar

King Mahabali represents Samridhi or prosperity, the three paces of land denotes our very existence in this world. Jagrithi, Swapna and Sushupti meaning conscious (awake), dream and deep slumber, respectively. By keep his foot on the king’s head the lord relieves one from all these three states in order to attain moksha or Liberation.

Vamana Homam Bestows Victory and Knowledge

Vamana Homam overcomes potential threats and risks and protects from evil forces. It removes karmic entangles and dosha. Malefic effects of planets are thwarted and increase the learning skills to reach higher echelons of life especially in career. It also opens the path form victory in all spheres and helps gain Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom.

Shatru Samhara Puja Restores Lost Wealth

The ritual protects us from enemies and also provides strength to face all types of adversaries. It also solves losses in business, relieves you from debts and recovers all lost wealth.

Bhagya Suktha Parayanam Prays For Right Share of Wealth

The sacred verses of Bhagya Suktha appear in Rig Veda destiny or fortune. The mantras envisioned by Sage Vashishta, invokes many gods like Agni, Indra, Varuna, Aswins (celestial twins), Bhaga, the deity of wealth, Brahmanaspati (the preceptor of gods), Pusan (sun for nutrition), Rudra (God of Dissolution) and Soma (Moon). Every entity in this world in entitled to his parent’s wealth and wealth of universe. There should be no hurdles in getting our portion of what we deserve and therefore this is a prayer of request for the wealth that we rightfully deserve.

Aikya Madyama Suktham Promotes Harmony in Relationships

The Aikyamatya Suktam Homam provides the best solutions for relationships. Aikyam means to unite and we all should live in union and work in union. The verses in the Suktam spark off our inner self so that we develop a feeling of love, understanding, oneness and co-operation.  It improves relations between husband and wife thus promoting marital harmony. It unites estranged and separated couples. It focuses on uniting separated friends, relations and partners. It enhances the affable relationships between neighbours, colleagues, superiors and inferiors.

Bhagavathy Puja Annihilates Evil in All Forms

The Bhagavathy puja venerates the great goddess Maha Shakthi. It annihilates evil in all forms and wards off doshas of planets. It provides material wealth, longevity, health and happiness.

Raktha Pushpanjali Archana Purifies Your Blood

Raktha (blood) and Pushanjali (offering of flowers) denote offering prayers to Goddess Bhagavathy with red coloured flowers like hibiscus, Nerium (Arali), Ixora (Thecchi) etc. It subjugates enemies, purifies your immune system, provides mental strength and removes fears. The ritual keeps you fit both mentally and physically.


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