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Coming up with the best experience you\'ve ever had, right from the comfort of your home.
With this, Department of B Com honours, Loyola Academy presents Olympus - Rise through the ranks of the Pantheon!
Rise through the ranks of



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Coming up with the best experience you've ever had, right from the comfort of your home.

With this, Department of B Com honours, Loyola Academy presents Olympus - Rise through the ranks of the Pantheon!


Rise through the ranks of the Pantheon

Olympus is a two-day management fest conducted by the department of B Com Honours where students from all across the nation are invited to demonstrate their managerial abilities. It is a mini-corporate world where students get involved in a healthy competition to strive for a seat in the pantheon. This fest aims to bring out all their competitive qualities and business acumen by putting them under real-time pressure. 

Olympus is a blend of various academic and fun events centered on several portfolios such as HR, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Best Manager, and Business Quiz. It is planned, organized, and executed by students of Bcom Honours with the support of their faculty, and it promises to maintain a balance between accountability, pressure, risk, celebration, and fun. 

We're looking for students who are capable of rising through the ranks of the pantheon to rule over Olympus.


More about Olympus: 

Olympus was born out of our passion to ignite the God-like creativity within all of us and provide a stage where the brightest of minds come together for an intellectually enriching experience. It is the brainchild of students who have gathered tons of experience in management fests across the twin cities over the last 2 years and we guarantee an experience saturated with all the goodness you would come to expect from the best management fests, and then some. It came out of our own fascination with management fests, and how they’ve helped us channel our talents. Every event, every filler round, every experience the participants can expect has been carefully and surgically curated by the best minds we have to offer. By organizing such a fest, we intend to put our learnings to practice, and also give other students the same experience we’ve cherished. 


Best Manager: Zeus
Use the thunderbolt to unlock the full liberating power of the best Manager. 

This event is for the participants who are ready to smite enemies in the battle through their skills and abilities. The winner of Zeus will hold the powerful title in the Pantheon. This event has five rounds wherein participants will have to go through storms and dark clouds to get back to the throne on Mount Olympus.



Finance: Plutus
Thrive and invest to get the best interest

Being blindfolded isn't a problem; however, being lost is. To survive in this mini cooperate world, all the participants must restore their sight and make wise investments. Modern philosophy and economics still revolve around it, participants must be calm and stable to get control over it. 



Marketing: Artemis
Be the bright moon and bring out the seller in you.

Go to all wild places and hunt for survival. Participants will have to take untraveled roads, make a strategic plan and use their signature weapons to go after their prey. Using the bait at the right time and right place is crucial. To win all five rounds in this event, you have to be the bright moon in the night, attracting people.


HR: Athena 

Spin and weave to summarize the business from a human perspective. 

Participants in this event must be able to weave and spin people together in order to form a correct bond. This event emphasizes the importance of forming links and connections with one another. To be understood and accepted, all tangled strands among people must be untangled in all rounds. 



Entrepreneurship: Hephaistos
Innovate and tread your path!

Molding into better versions of oneself and coming up with innovative ideas is a crucial component of bringing change. While holding a hammer and a pair of tongs, a participant must kill all issues and have a grip on individuals. The participants' inner fire must be ignited to discover the purpose and ideas to help them win. 


Business quiz: Coeus

Be the titan of the inquisitive mind.

Coeus would test participants' ability to chunk down all business metaphors and get on the right axis. This event aims to test the different minds under various circumstances. Participants need to have knowledge, Intelligence, and the embodiment of the celestial axis to be the titan of the inquisitive mind and win this event. 



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