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Olive Oil and Memories of Desert Food - Talk and demonstration by Lynne & Brian Chatterton.
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Olive Oil And Memories Of Desert Food - Talk And Demonstration


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Olive Oil and Memories of Desert Food - Talk and demonstration by Lynne & Brian Chatterton.

Couscous with Onion Sauce
Hummus & Pita
Harissa (chili sauce)
Banana and Date Dessert
Mint Tea and Coffee with cardamom

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree mainly found around the Mediterranean basin. The wild tree dates back to the 8th millennium BC and originated in modern Turkey. Spain, Italyand Greeceare the main producers of olive oil today. Olive oil contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants that are not found in other oils. The USFDA permits the following label on olive oil bottles for sale.

'Limited and not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that eating about 2 tbsp. (23 g) of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the monounsaturated fat in olive oil. To achieve this possible benefit, olive oil is to replace a similar amount of saturated fat and not increase the total number of calories you eat in a day.'

Brian Chatterton talks about producing olive oil on a small mountain farm in Italy. He has been growing olives and making oil at Castel di Fiori in Umbria, Italyfor 20 years. He is a hands on grower who prunes and picks his own 200 trees. He has also written a book on olive growing (Discovering Oil, Pulcini Press 1996) and an ebook (Growing olives and producing oil, Pulcini Press 2005). Before moving to Italy, Brian was a farmer, grape grower and wine maker in South Australia. He was a Member of Parliament and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests in the State government.

Lynne Chatterton demonstrates how olive oil helped keep hunger pangs away in the deep Algerian desert when she and Brian went on an expedition to see some wonderful prehistoric cave paintings and rock engravings. Her remembrance is of the Southern Algerian Hoggar and the Tassili Plateau and Djanet - 'we were in the desert without wood or any other resource. Our Toureg guide managed, with the aid of a bundle of sticks he carried with him, a pot, a container of water, a handful of spices, olive oil, the onions and dry couscous to cook us a delicious meal. The remoteness of the site, how we got there, how difficult it was to reach the plateau and especially the simple food we ate remains an enduring memory.'

Lynne Chatterton, is the author of 'Sustainable Dryland Farming' (CUP). a book about farmers and their successes in growing wheat and sheep in semi-arid regions of the world, and 'Red Herrings' a memoir about life, food and farming. She grew up in Australia with the desert on one side of her village and the great River Murray on the other. She lived on an irrigated fruit farm, then married a wheat/sheep farmer, experienced political life from the inside, travelled widely, wrote and spoke regularly about food - from how food is grown and how food policy is made. Her new book 'From the Ground Up - Cooking Without Fear' - connects what we cook in our homes with current world crises of climate change, water conflicts, diminishing fish stocks, declining and eroded farmland, and globalised trade. She concludes that, in spite of these threats, home cooking can bring us pleasure and satisfaction.

She has lived in Central Italy for twenty years, growing and cooking the food about which she writes.

All items demonstrated will be served for tasting.

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