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Oh, Mind Relax Please - a workshop by Swami Sukhabodhananda @ Lucknow


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About The Event

Key to Success and Satisfaction
A One day Interactive Workshop By Swami Sukhabodhananda
Aren't we a consequence of our conditioning and our past experiences?
Are we adding Years to our Life or adding Life to our Years?
True Freedom Lies
          In The Art of Looking At Life Afresh
Soar to new heights and tap the potentials of your larger self. Being in the basement of life is 'ORDINARY'. Transforming the interfering Mind into a Learning and Committed Mind is being 'EXTRAORDINARY'.
The workshop addresses the treasures and vastness of your inner resources. It depends on where you remain identified, the lower self or the higher self.
Respect for change and trusting your inner self is a healthy way to handle 'Fear and Conflicts'.
Being in conflict with 'what is', Energy Drain. Acceptance is being in harmony with the Energy Flow.
The workshop will resourcefully channelize your inner potential to convert 'Conflicts into Challenges' helping you to ride the sea change.
     The Program Offers:
Impactful models to imbibe powerful insight, to bring forth Creativity and Spontaneity and discover life nourishing patterns rather than life defeating ones.
Practical workouts using sciences of Pranayams and Mudras as an antidote to the Yuppie Flu*

Techniques to debug and update your inner softwares and to gracefully align to change.

Processes to synergize a healthy mind with a healthy body.

*Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome. Symptoms displayed are mental fogginess, inability to concentrate, mild fever, Gastrointestinal problems, insomnia etc. Emotional and physical stress is known to be the root cause of such a condition.
Glide through work pressures without the 'Sting of Stress'.
Say Yes to Growth, Achievement, Progress, Say No to Stress, Fatigue, Pressure.
Steer yourself gracefully through the highs and lows of life with pragmatic solutions like rapport building, developing a humorous disposition and childlike innocence through this workshop.

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