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Odyssey, the cultural festival of IIIT-Delhi, is a blend of dance, art, music, dramatics and a lot more. Odyssey, by definition, means a long eventful journey and to us, at IIIT, it is nothing less than that. It is a journey filled with music that takes its listeners into a trance, it is a journey filled with dance that makes the crowd tap their feet, it is a journey where free speech and expression is promoted and most of all it is a journey where minds and bodies are liberated to get the best out of each and every participant.


The fest, if described in one word, is ‘Grand’. From star nights to band performances, from fashion parades to stand up comedians, each and every aspect of Odyssey has an aura of magnificence surrounding it. This splendour is just not limited to our events but it is equally true for our distinguished judges, who are the best in their respective fields, and our powerful sponsors, who are capable of giving our participants an opportunity that takes their talent to the next level.


Nirvana Nights

  • Star night
  • Battle of bands
  • Band performance
  • Dance Performance
  • Stand-up Comedy


  • Music and Dance
    • Verve- solo dance
    • Battle Troupe- Group Dance
    • Encore- Solo singing
    • Acoustic Hymns- Acoustic music event

  • Arts
    • Artival- The Art carnival
    • Imaginacion- Classical Painting competition
    • Captcha-Photography Competition
    • Dristikon- Poster Designing competition
    • Build your Brand

  • Lifestyle and theatre
    • Mr. and Miss Odyssey
    • Reverbe- Fashion designing and modelling competition
    • Hasratein- Nukkad Natak
    • Proscenium- Classic play

  • Literary and spoken arts
    • Verbattle- Debating
    • Versify- poetry writing
    • Quizzing
    • Pun-ch line- The stand-up comedy competition

and many more..

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