Occult Mysteries of Angkor Wat and the KEY to Self-Knowledge

Occult Mysteries of Angkor Wat and the KEY to Self-Knowledge


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About The Event

 21st January, Sunday | 11 am till 6 pm

- Whole day activity - Lunch included


From the most ancient times man has always sought the knowledge of himself and the world that surrounds him, in order to find the answers to the enigmas of existence.
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is the purpose of my life?
Is there an answer to what happens after I die?
How can I understand my dreams?
Which are the cosmic laws that govern me?
How can I find solution to my problems?


How can I develop myself and find true happiness?

The key to true knowledge is related to the sanskrit word “Gyana”, which means "learning through direct experience". Different from knowledge that we normally read or study, it refers specifically to the inner and intuitive wisdom that is revealed to us when we reach insight about life and its mysteries. Gyana is the path where reality is discovered through awareness, practice and revelations that come from our inner self and which make us grow spiritually.

Man, through his consciousness, has been able to proceed throughout history and civilizations to express this higher knowledge, inspired by the divine light of the inner true self. This connection with the soul has been transmitted universally through the expressions of Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion. It is possible for us in today´s modern society to find again and to reconnect with this inner and cosmic knowledge.


We invite you to discover for yourself these marvelous teachings of the eternal Gyana and learn how this knowledge was shared at the mysterious Temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


Sessions will include:


Talk 1 - The Science of "Gyana".


Talk 2 - The Secret Path and Daily Life.


Talk 3 - The Temple of the Sun-Dragon: Angkor Wat


The talks are interleaved with guided meditation practices.

Key Takeaways:


  • Learn the secret teaching to know yourself, your inner God and how to live life intelligently.
  • Be aware how to give a superior meaning to our everyday life.
  • Find the way to combine modern living with the inner awakening your soul.
  • Skill yourself in meditation techniques of concentration, mindfulness and expansion of consciousness.


  • Discover the path that leads to spiritual development and how to practice it.


  • Uncover you Ego, your Soul-Essence and your Personality to find your true inner Being.


  • Get an insight on how to find self-knowledge through the combination of the topics of philosophy, psychology and anthropology.


  • Know how great people and cultures have achieved divine enlightenment through the practice of Gyana.


  • Find out about one of the biggest mysteries of human spiritual heritage: The Temple of Angkor Wat.


Lecturer: Thomas Nilsson


Date: 21st January, Sunday
Time: 11 am till 6 pm
Contribution: Rs. 900
Venue: Soulcentric, New Delhi
Limited seats available | Prior registration mandatory

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