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It is with immense pleasure we announce that The Rising Bharat will be celebrating its one year anniversary on the 20th of August! To mark this special day, we are organizing a celebratory event: ‘Nush-o-Numa.’
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About The Event


It is with immense pleasure we announce that The Rising Bharat will be celebrating its one year anniversary on the 20th of August! To mark this special day, we are organizing a celebratory event: ‘Nush-o-Numa.’


Nush-o-Numa will have a line-up of few incredible speakers, ranging from writers and poets to actors and activists. This series of motivational talks will leave you inspired and ready to take on the world.
The theme of the event is 'Rubik’s Cube.’
At the Rising Bharat, the Rubik’s cube is not just a toy. It is a symbol of growth; it reflects the phases we - as humans - go through in our lives. The chaos, the order and everything in between.
Just like one solves a Rubik's cube, The Rising Bharat brings out the story behind some of the most successful people in the country by highlighting their journey of growth and progress stage by stage.
So gear up, as The Rising Bharat organizes a wonderful line up of speakers who will tickle your funny bone, make you want to sing your heart out and dance like nobody's watching. Maybe even give you the power to change your life – using just a Rubik’s cube!

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 1. Aryan Mishra 

Aspiring Astronaut - Aryan Mishra is a 17-year-old student in Delhi, India, who has a passion for astronomy. In 2014, he and Keerti Vardhan, another student, discovered a near-Earth asteroid during a nationwide asteroid search campaign. The search was conducted globally by the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) and in India by SPACE, which works towards popularization of science and astronomy in India and provides training to students and amateur astronomers for asteroid hunting. Now Aryan has more to say to teens around the world about the beauty and joys of astronomy.
2. Smriti Singhal
Armed with nothing but her creative imagination and a thirst for change made Smriti Singhal, a 25 year old Delhi bred entrepreneur to start her journey right out of her college. She started her venture The Education Tree as a small initiative to follow her passion and connect like-minded individuals. The organization has now become the country’s fastest growing youth community reaching out to thousands of students every year.
3. Shantanu Gupta
Shantanu Gupta is an Indian author and political analyst. He is also the communication advisor to Baba Ramdev and alumni ambassador of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, (United Kingdom) in India. Shantanu's recent work as an author has been about Uttar Pradesh and its government. His book Uttar Pradesh - Vikas Ki Prateeksha Mein, published by Bloomsbury Publishingstrengthened the narrative against the Akhilesh Yadav-led, Samajwadi Partygovernment.His upcoming book, The Monk Who Became Chief Minister is the biography of current Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister - Yogi Adityanath.  It is written by Shantanu Gupta, an Indian Author and Political Analyst. The book has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing, India and came out on August 25, 2017.
4. Eklovey Verma
A recent graduate from Delhi Technological University, I am embarking on a journey to start a platform for people to voice their opinion and share their stories with my new venture, CREATING TALKS. With the experience I have gained over time working in the education sector, I wish to impart my insights in the field of education, revolutionary ideas that are taking hold of Higher education field in India. Entrepreneurial background also fires my passion for entrepreneurship and hence I wish to explore and share more on the Entrepreneurial world as well. Knowledge is all about sharing and exploring and that is what I wish to attain through my stories.
5. Kamal Seth
He is the founder and chief happiness officer at human circle. He is the public speaker for #dowhatyoulove. 
  • Before initiating Human Circle, he worked as a recruiter for large organisations like Nestle, Philips, Mindvalley, AIESEC and ended up doing 2000+ interviews in approximately 8-10 years. He realised that people didn’t do things they loved, which was a very disturbing pattern for him to interact with people. Therefore, in 2014, he founded “Human Circle” to connect enlightened minds and drive the #dowhatyoulove movement.



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