No Brushes, Only Hands: Artist Date

No Brushes, Only Hands: Artist Date


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There is an artist and creative person in everyone. It is a different story that you may or may not have pursued it full time or left it behind as a child. This is an occasion to Paint with me, like an Artist Date, where the process of making ART with bare hands as tools will help explore SELF EXPRESSION. I will run you by the basics of Acrylics, Use of Canvas, Elements & Principles of Art if that will make you more confident WITH FUN & EASE. Bare Hands will feel stimulated with sensation of creativity when exposed to Paint, Texture of Canvas, Tubes, Water, and other elements.


Take a leap of faith, if it calls for your Inner Being to do this. When you see this you will either feel an urge to do it or skip it, Just honor your feelings.  

 Niveditha Indrajit is an Intuitive Artist, who has showcased in Group Shows and Solo Live Art Shows, Art for a Cause, Art workshops. Doodling & Painting have been childhood interests but they were strongly pursued from 2006. She is a gold-medalist in Bachelor in Arts (Literature), MBA Marketing, Studied Alternative Therapies & Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, pursued art in a self learning & exploration model.

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Includes Material: Canvas 2x2 feet and Paints, Lunch

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