NLP Practitioner Certification with UnConscious Patterning, Hyderabad

NLP Practitioner Certification with UnConscious Patterning, Hyderabad


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About The Event

NLP Training in Hyderabad now has Master Trainers of NLP Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran (also known as famous Playback singer Megha) deliver the Premier NLP Practitioner Certification course which spans over 6 days. Antano and Harini bring in their extensive experience in NLP Applications across wide fields and teach NLP specifically for Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Corporate professionals, Students, Business owners, Sales Professionals, Lawyers, Doctors etc. in Hyderabad.


Quick Questions answered:

What?: NLP Practitioner Certification with UnConscious Patterning

When?: 25th - 30th March, 2013

Where?: Taj Banjara, Hyderabad

 Duration?: 6 days - From 9am - 6pm


What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used to:

  • Program your neurology for Excellencein everything you do
  • Learn quickly and learn fast - any skill you choose - at work and other skills
  • Influence people using yourself, your body, your language as an instrument to get the results you want
  • Using powerful language patterns for creating lasting Personal change and Professional improvement
  • Get rid of habits, bad memories, addictions etc. and experience personal freedom


Who Learns NLP in Hyderabad?


More about NLP Benefits and NLP Training in Hyderabad, Contact us


What's in it for you?

Discover Yourself and Experience Personal Freedom

Learn and deployt the Latest Mind-programming tools for your own Personal Excellence and at Work

Harness the power of your sub-conscious mind to be able to much, much more than you are able to do currently

Use your Language to influence just about anybody to Get the Results you want

Double your Sales, Grow your Business - Just making those subtle differences that make all the difference

Get rid of all fears, phobias, hesitation - and Breakfree from within

Contact us to receive the brochure with detailed Case studies of how our NLP Practitioners have been using NLP in Business, Sales, Influence, Communication, Therapy, Personal Health and in Training


NLP Certification

The Premier NLP Certification with UnConscious Patterning is Internationally Valid and Lifetime - approved by the American Board of NLP

You will certified as:


In the Certificate is highlighted that you are trained by NLP Master Trainers who have learned NLP Directly from the Co-creator of NLP Dr. John Grinder.


Who are the NLP Master Trainers?

Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran are Master Trainers of NLP who apply NLP in Business, Learning Acceleration, Corporate, Therapy, Music & other areas. They are Certified Traienrs of NLP by Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-developer New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll. They have also learned NLP from Early Founders of NLP such as Robert Dilts & Judith Delozier.

Antano and Harini have been personally endorsed by Dr. John Grinder - Co-creator of NLP & Co-developer of NLP. Read Full Endorsement here

Harini is also known as Playback singer Megha - having worked with some of the biggest composers - you would have heard her songs in famous movies over the last 5 years. She also uses NLP to teach Tone-deaf, Rhythm deaf people etc. using NLP.

Antano was the Chief Technology Officer for a few companies and Advisor on the Board of Several companies. He is also an International Author in Technology with his books available all around the world.


Antano and Harini bring in their experience using NLP in different fields - not only training.


Welcome into the world of NLP with UnConscious Patterning by Antano and Harini


Contact us to know more about NLP Training in Hyderabad schedule

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