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NLP Training in New Delhi is now available to all as Certified Trainers of NLP Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran (also known as famous Playback singer Megha) who extensive experience in NLP Applications across wide fields, teach

Premier NLP Training & Certification - uPwithNLP with Antano and Harini in New Delhi


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About The Event


NLP Training in New Delhi is now available to all as Certified Trainers of NLP Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran (also known as famous Playback singer Megha) who extensive experience in NLP Applications across wide fields, teach NLP specifically for Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Corporate professionals, Students, Business owners, Sales Professionals, Lawyers, Doctors etc. in Mumbai.


Quick Questions answered:

What?: uPwithNLP = Premier NLP Training & NLP Practitioner Certification

                                    + Success on Auto Pilot

                                    + Platinum Coaching Membership (1 year)

When?: 9th - 14th December, 2013

Where?: The Lalit, New Delhi

Duration?: 6 days - From 9am - 6pm


What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used to:

  • Program your neurology for Excellence in everything you do
  • Learn quickly and learn fast - any skill you choose - at work and other skills
  • Discover yourself and how your brain works
  • Influence people using yourself, your body, your language as an instrument to get the results you want
  • Using powerful language patterns for creating lasting Personal change and Professional improvement
  • Get rid of habits, bad memories, addictions etc. and experience personal freedom


Who Learns NLP in Mumbai?


More about NLP Benefits and NLP Training in New Delhi, Contact us


uPwithNLP - Installing Superior Capabilities

School of Excellence is the only institute to take the best from NLP combine it with very real world field experience of Antano Solar & Harini Ramachandran to deliver a contextual and relevant NLP Training in India for the 21st Century based on Conscious and UnConscious Patterning!

What do you get?

  • World of Possibilities open up for you
  • Influence people subtly, yet with precision
  • Become a powerful communicator - one of the greatest assets you can have - your most precious wealth and weapon in today's world
  • Take charge of your emotions and experience personal Freedom
  • Ability to get into a Peak Performance state anytime you desire
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be optimal and resourceful, in any challenging situation
  • Get over any limiting beliefs you may have had that could have held you back from doing what you want to do
  • Flush out phobias, addictions, fears and compulsions forever
  • Become an Agent of Change - on yourself and on others
  • Set Success on Auto-pilot such that every passing day, you find yourself accomplishing more and more
  • Experience that Magical Balance in your life that Supercharge your Personal and Professional Life uP with finesse
  • Get the wisdom to pick out of your menu of possibilities. Enjoy your palette of colors. Make your own colors and tunes. Know which shade to pick for which object. Be a Miracle Factory.

uPwithNLP =

NLP Training & Certification

+ Success on Auto-pilot

+ Platinum Coaching Package (for 1 year)


6 days --> 180 days --> 365 days --> and more...

NLP Certification

The Premier NLP Certification is Internationally Valid and Lifetime - approved by the American Board of NLP

You will certified as:


In the Certificate it will be mentioned that you are trained by NLP Master Trainers who have learned NLP Directly from the Co-creator of NLP Dr. John Grinder.



Learn only from World’s Finest Trainers of NLP


NLP Master TrainersAntano & Harini 

NLP Trainers & Success Coaches - Antano & Harini

Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran are Certified Trainers of NLP who apply NLP in Business, Learning Acceleration, Corporate, Therapy, Music & other areas. They are Certified Traienrs of NLP by Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-developer New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll. They have also learned NLP from Early Founders of NLP such as Judith Delozier.


John Grinder - Co-Creator & Founder of NLP & New Code NLP

"Antano and Harini are two of the finest trainers available in NLP at the present"

- Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

Read the Full Endorsement by the Co-Creator of NLP on Antano & Harini here…



Harini is also known as Playback singer Megha - having worked with some of the biggest composers - you would have heard her songs in famous movies over the last 5 years. She also uses NLP to teach Tone-deaf, Rhythm deaf people etc. using NLP.

Antano was the Chief Technology Officer for a few companies and Advisor on the Board of Several companies. He is also an International Author in Technology with his books available all around the world.


Antano and Harini bring in their experience using NLP in different fields - Sales, Business, Learning Acceleration, Therapy, Solving medically impossible cases, Negotiations etc.


Welcome into the world of NLP with UnConscious Patterning by Antano and Harini - Go uPwithNLP Now!


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