NLP Samosa at Coimbatore

NLP Samosa at Coimbatore


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About The Event

Now you have a tidbit of joy that you can take home! Say Hello to NLP! 

This week, Get a Happy 2-hour Experience of Neuro Linguistic Programmingand learn about how people around you, in your profession use NLP...
These sessions aim at creating an NLP experience right there so you can go home rejuvenated and having learned a Samosa sized bite of an extremely useful, influential skill...


Quick Questions answered:


What is NLP?

NLP is all about Programming yourself for Excellence. It's what you use to program yourself for Peak Performance, Personal Excellence and totally toInfluence people using yourself as an instrument to Get the Results you want.

The world around is all ga-ga about NLP simply because it works! There are several Quality NLP Practitioners around you.... Let's also find out how they're using NLP in their Personal and Professional context!


Who is NLP useful for?


What do you get at NLP Samosa?

  • An Experience of an NLP Pattern demonstrated Live

  • An eye-opener on the possibilities of NLP and Real applications across industries

  • Ability to easily jump into a resourceful state at will

  • Ofcourse - Samosa and Chai to go along with All the Excitement and New NLP learning!


The Important Questions - When, Where and How Much?


Event: NLP Samosa - Say Hello to NLP!

When? -  13th April 2013; 6.00pm - 8.300pm. 

Where? - Hotel Vijay Paradise, Coimbatore

How Much? - Only Rs.100 per person! 

                       And yes! It is Just Rs.150 for two..


This event is sponsored by School of Excellence

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