NLP Practitioner Program @ Baroda/Vadodara

NLP Practitioner Program @ Baroda/Vadodara


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About The Event

NLP Practitioner Program is a 5 days certification program.

The program includes free set of fifteen Audio CDs and a  Practitioner Manual that supports participants to prepare of life changing live program. The Five days of highly interactive experiential learning that results in some life changing experiences for most of the participants.


Some of the advantages of doing NLP Practitioner program with us are:
•    Highly Experienced and Verified Trainers 
•    Pre-study material that includes 15 audio CDs and two Video DVDs (unique offering) along with a high quality participant work-book 
•    Option to repeat program as many times you want* (so you are never out of touch).
•    One of the few organizations in India to offer Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP certification program.
•    Certificates awarded are accredited by ANLP (India) and in collaboration with DLI, UK.
•    Complementary membership of ANLP (India), fastest growing NLP professionals’ organization in India.


NLP Stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • Neuro– It refers to our mind or our nervous system, through which we gather and process information which we receive through our five senses.
  • Linguistic– Our language. Both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Programming– Patterns that run in our nervous system at the unconscious level. It is a result of what information we have gathered through our senses and the language we use.

These are the programs that enable us to behave automatically.

It is the science of modelling the patterns of human behaviour.

It explores the inner workings of the human mind: how we think, how we develop our desires, goals and fears and how we motivate ourselves, make connections, and give meaning to our experiences. 

It is the art and science of personal excellence, derived from studying how the top people in different fields obtain their outstanding results.

NLP does not focus on the content of experience. Instead, it focuses on the structure of experience in order to make positive change.

It is a life transforming experience of the power and magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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