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About The Event

About NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a great technology for human excellence, whether personal or business excellence. NLP provides the most effective and user friendly communication model that helps generate the desired outcomes.

Ever since NLP was discovered, the world realized that indeed NLP is a great technology, when learnt and acquired can make a great difference in human excellence, which eventually generated the improvisation in individuals, organizations, businesses.

Benefits of NLP

  • Get what you want, when you want
  • Choose your mental, physical and emotional state
  • Make decisions beneficial for you at all times
  • Learn negotiating and influencing techniques
  • Improve skills
  • Improve business
  • Plan and manage your efficiency and productivity
  • Use strategies to maximize buying and selling opportunities
  • Learn the art of modeling excellence
  • Define your values, beliefs and attitude
  • Identifying to embrace yourself, raise your self-esteem

Course Covers: Life changing learning’s and insights, which include


Day one: The nature of the world , being human and subjective experience.
Choosing your own state and mood at will
The Presuppositions of NLP
Sensory Acuity : Sharpening your senses
Calibration : How to read people
Rapport skills to connect to & make people like you and cooperate with you
Break States to rapidly change the state/mood people are in
Psycho-geography and Boundaries

Day two: Representation Systems “VAKOG for better communication and connection with people& beginning to understand why people respond as they do.
Eye accessing cues for telling how people are thinking and to know when people are incongruent or lying.

Anchoring  “run your own nervous system & collapse negative, sad or fearful states. Condition yourself for success. Also, how to get other people into the state you want them in.
Create your circle of excellence & feel fantastic

 Day three: Outcomes :“Getting what you wish for and making your dreams real. How to set achievable goals that are inspiring.

 Perceptual positions: How to see things in different ways and experience different points of view, understand others and situations better. Helps relationships too.

 Logical levels for Life Coaching, change management, problem solving, solution checker, goal and dream alignment, ecology checking and self assessment.

 Chunking up, down and sideways for lateral thinking , for big picture, for details. Excellent tool for ending conflict , for negotiating and for effective meetings.

 Day four: The Meta Model: The art of questioning. Ask the right questions and get a much better answer. It pulls wrong or unhelpful or destructive thinking out by the root.

 Milton Model: Learn the language of influence, persuasion, diplomacy, spin writing peace making and Hypnosis. Being very artful in how you speak and what you say.

 Day Five: Sub modalities: to understand how the mind stores information and memories and how you can change memories, beliefs and thinking patterns.

 Fast Phobia Cure

New Behavior Generator

Swish Pattern


 Plus many other things

 So many amazing, eye opening, life changing skills all in one course! It is almost unbelievable, and at such an affordable price too, you cannot afford to think to you can’t afford it. You can't afford to miss it!


NLP is a prestigious, professional, well reputed, internationally recognized qualification, and yet you do not need to have any prior qualifications such as a college or university degree to do it.


Who should attend: One does not need any specific formal training to attend NLP practitioner course.

Beneficial for : Professionals, Individuals, MBA’s ,Engineers ,Lawyers ,Architects ,Managers, Entrepreneurs, Owners ,CEO’s ,Directors, Businessmen , Trainers , Teachers ,Coaches , housewives , Family heads, students , practically everyone who interacts with another person for any reason

Methodology: Totally facilitative environment as we believe the learning’s happen best in the comfortable conditions. Based on training manual, audio- visuals, with hands on experience and demos and participation of that are present.

Faculty : Madhumad Pethe is a passionate and committed professional trainer. He has done his trainings with international trainers and coaches.

 A commerce graduate, from University of Bombay  has more than  30 years’ experience of industry such as Retail, Luxury Commodities, Precious Metals and Diamonds , and also in Real Estate and Hospitality.

 Madhumad gained valuable experience in international Diamond trade in mid 80’s and was impressed by the diversity and the capabilities of individuals from around the world. Being born in the famous jeweller’s family, mastered the art in the precious trade. The nuances of the trade helped Madhumad to become a defined assessor and analyzer. Having gained experience from various industry exposure, had an opportunity to interact and deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis and this led to generate his interest in study of Human Behavior.

 Madhumad has done his Master Practitioner’s training and Trainers training in NLP (NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING) with Dr. David Lincoln and Ralph Watson, both accomplished Master Trainers of NLP.

He has done his Coaching with Ralph Watson, from IFCNLP.

He has done his Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence with Dr. A Doris Greenwood.

He has done his Life Coaching with ANLP India.

He  has done his ‘Train the Trainer’ with Dale Carnegie Trainings.

Medium of instruction: English and/or Marathi

Course fee: Rs.25000 (+ tax)

       Incentive: for three or more participants 10% benefit

Fee includes: Course Manual (hard copy), set of pre learning CD’s, Tea/coffee, lunch, tea/coffee and certification.

Registration details: 1)Email-

                                    2) Advance Rs. 5000/- ,to confirm your seat

                                    3) The fees are non refundable, non transferable. And in case of any genuine         difficulty, could be carried forward as deposit up to One year.

Certification: After successfully completing the course and evaluation, the Certificate will be granted by Aspire Academy Global, Accredited by ANLP.

We are looking forward to welcome you to participate and experience a great tool & technique of NLP and empower yourself for rest of your life.

Thanking you,

Madhumad Pethe

Business Head & Trainer of NLP

We conduct few more effective and empowering course for : Skills Training, Managerial Development Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Applied NLP, Workshops for Harassment/ Sexual Harassment, Leadership, Clinical Research and a variety of Educational Trainings.

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